Welcome to the Bronze Age

Remember when parents would have their child’s baby shoes bronzed?  I am convinced that my love fanaticism for bronze eye shadow is solely because my baby shoes were not bronzed. I’m also convinced that was due to the fact that I was the last child and an ‘oopsie’ baby at that. My siblings had bronzed shoes and I liked to play with them, shoving my dolls feet in them whether they fit or not–maybe I was memorized by the shiny stuff I don’t know. 

 The color bronze is described as a medium brown that resembles the alloy chiefly comprised of copper and tin. And… it’s shiny! Bronze was first described as a color in 1753. A long history huh? Think about it, the color bronze has a certain regal air about it; the Bronze Age, the Bronze Star, Olympic Bronze Medal–important statues are made of bronze. And then there is the bronzed beauty, bronze goddess, bronze bombshell all created to make us look healthy and sexy.

It’s no surprise then that Bronze is my favorite eyeshadow color. Allow me to introduce you to some of my favorite obsessions bronzes. Bronze can encompass a large gradiation of color–from a bright coppery shade (a la bronze baby shoes) to a dull brown more like we might see in an old statue. I prefer the brighter more coppery shades as you’ll see.

Rock and Republic Exile – perhaps one of the brightest, this bronze is coppery/peachy almost orange shade and makes blue eyes pop!

Sephora Pearl #14 – darker than Exile, but still in the copper family.

 MAC Indianwood Paint Pot – a cream base/shadow, this is the lightest of the bunch, with more gold in it than any of the others.

Benefit Velvet Eyeshadow in Rich Beach – now we’re entering burnished territory. A darker bronze with a lot more brown in it.

Korres Golden Brown – a good description. A pale brown with a lot of gold in it–more of a dirty bronze.

 And that’s it for my bronze collection, NOT! Let’s take a look at the bronze shadows in my palettes, shall we?

Cat Cosmetics Hello Gorgeous Palette–Peace – not as orange as the the others, but no brown in here yet.

LORAC Snake Charmer Palette– the colors in this palette have no names. The bronze shade is one of my very favorites and makes an awesome crease color. You can see this palette is well loved!

Dior Crush Glow – a deeper darker bronze with just the right amount of shimmer that looks stunning with gold eyeshadow. This bronze really does remind me of a bronze statue.

Chanel Kasksa Beige Quad – another dirty bronze but much lighter–it looks taupe here–couldn’t get a good pic of the gold in it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your trip through the Bronze Age today. What are your favorite bronzes? I’m giving you all a Bronze Star for coming along with me today!

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  1. I am such a sucker for bronzes too. I have a coppery bronze sue devitt roller ball eye shadow that I love. And you are so right, it definitely makes my blue eyes pop

  2. Loved this!!!

  3. What a fabulous review. I love your pictures and your descriptions. If you like Gel liners then look at Tarte’s new Bronze one!! It sounds up your alley.

  4. Valerie H. says:

    I love it for Green/Hazel eyes, too. A nondescriminatory, all-purpose color! I’m partial to Bobbi Brown’s Long-wear cream shadows in “Beach Bronze” and “Burnished” but I also love her Shimmer eyeshadow in “Bronze.” Bobbi does everything right!!! <3

    • You’re so right Valerie! I need her beach bronze cream e/s and I really like her bronze gel liner too!