VI Peel Day 4

This picture is appropriate for Day 4 because the peel fest has begun! Day 3 I started peeling around my nose and mouth, today I’m peeling everywhere and in chunks it seems! After cleansing my skin this morning (still with hands/fingers only), a lot of new skin is being revealed. I get it now–what everyone means about a sunburn. The new skin is tender and pink! I’m still not wearing foundation and people at work have commented on how my red my skin is.

Going without makeup was disconcerting at first but now it kind of freeing. I save more time than I imagined getting ready in the morning too. I wanted to put foundation on today to cover up the redness, but my skin is still peeling and it’s tender– I accidentally got some hairspray on my cheek and it stung! Oh, and Note To Self: don’t wear a black shirt when your face is peeling off!

day 4 of peeling skin


VI Peel- Day 4 red face!


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