Urban Decay Summer Of Love 2010
The Good, The Bad & the Inappropriate Part 1

I was uber excited to receive the Urban Decay Summer of Love eye shadow palette. Urban Decay likes to make these summer palettes with mostly neutral shades and then add a pop of color. I missed out on last year’s Get Baked palette and I haven’t quite recovered yet, so I was determined to purchase this year’s version.  The palette features four eyeshadows, a mini Sin Primer Potion, and mini Bourbon 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil.The eyeshadows are Flash (bright purple w/a touch of iridescence), Maui Wowie (pale gold), Chopper (a muted copper), and Smog (bronze). All of these products are part of the permanent collection and can be purchased separately, however the palette is a bargain and convenient for travel.

The Good:

All of these shades are truly gorgeous and work so well together– with the exception of Flash–it’ a bit cool toned and just doesn’t seem to play nice with the others. All the shadows are pigmented, smooth and blend exceptionally well. Bourbon is one of my very favorite eyeliners of all time–if there was a hall of fame for eyeliners, I would nominate Bourbon. A deep brown with just the right amount of golden shine to lighten and define eyes. I’m on my third one 🙂 Sin is a shimmery champagne eyeshadow primer which is very pretty by itself. I must say I don’t understand the need for a shimmer eyeshadow primer but there you have it.

The Bad:

Unfortunately, the eyeshadows while looking gorgeous in the pan, when applied had a lot of chunky glitter in them. Not shimmer, not sheen, glitter.  Maui Wowie has silver glitter, Chopper has silver glitter too but not as chunky, Smog is the nicest of the bunch, but still has quite a ‘loud’ sheen. And what’s worse is the glitter bits ended up all around my eyes. I don’t need to draw attention to my expression lines (crow’s feet) by framing them with glitter. I thought Flash would make a terrific liner but it just made me look ill.

By the end of the day, I had glitter bits on my nose and cheeks too and I used the primer potion that came with the palette!  I’m sure it wouldn’t bother some people, but I was angry that I had to pick pieces of glitter off my face. Makeup shouldn’t made you angry, it should make you happy—no worries, be happy da da da.

The Inappropriate:

I was so disappointed, because while all the neutral shadows are stunning, they are just too glittery. They accentuate crepey lids and look too, well “I’m an old lady desperately trying to retain my youth.” Even if I was hip enough to pull it off though, the worst sin of all is the….fall out. I used the Sin Primer Potion that came with the kit and it didn’t hlep at all. However, it is my duty to tell you that JoeyBunny claims there is a miracle product from Fyrinnae called Pixie Epoxy that makes fall out a non-issue. Sorry, JoeyBunny, I don’t care, I’m over glitter. While I’d like to think that glitter makes me resemble an ethereal fairy, the sad truth is that I looked like Lady Gaga’s Grandmother. Not an attractive look. In my opinion, this palette is not just not suitable for older women, unless of course you ARE Lady Gaga’s Grandmother.

Tomorrow the lovely JoeyBunny reviews All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray also from the Summer of Love 2010 Collection. I hope she has better luck. Oh, and by the way, she is inheriting my Summer of Love Eyeshadow Palette–she’s a young whippersnapper, she can pull it off.

  • I’m so on the same page with you–I have my secret stash of UD shadows, but I only play with them. If I left the house with that stuff on my face, I’d look Bette Davis in Baby Jane Goes Disco
    .-= Poppy Buxom´s last blog ..Basic eye makeup for a woman of a certain age: Step 1: Wear neutral shades =-.

  • Isn’t that disappointing? One year, I bought a bunch of UD shadows with luscious colors on Sephora.com. I had to return most of them – and I hate returning items. They were gorgeous colors, but glitter-laden. I’m not sure who, with the possible exception of daring and darling high schoolers, can pull off glitter – particularly during the day. Then, it’s only worse when the glitter, or any shadow, falls into your face all day. Colleagues stop you and ask if you ran through confetti!

    I did crack the code on UD shadows, with the help of a Sephora rep years ago. But I continue to get occasional mistakes from other lines. Wish what some call shimmer would be more clearly labeled: “Glitter: Wear at your own risk!”
    .-= Charlestongirl´s last blog ..Kinerase Ultimate Volume Lip Conditioner SPF 20 =-.

    • cindy

      Haha, well said!!

  • I’m visiting from the Lady Blogger Society tea party. Great blog! Very helpful tips. I will definitely keep that one in mind next time I buy eyeshadow. Have a good one!

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