New! Urban Decay Heavy Metals Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Heavy Metals Eyeshadow Palette

Purchased by me  

This year, I promised myself I wasn’t going to get sucked into the holiday beauty launches. I was going to be good and just look and admire. Then, I saw a post on MUA Jordan Liberty’s Instagram about the new Urban Decay Heavy Metals, $55, eyeshadow palette. I was intrigued. This was followed up by a review of the palette Jordan’s YouTube channel, which had me hooked.

As a huge fan of Jordan’s (if you’re not watching/following him, you should) talent and recommendations, I couldn’t help myself. If he said this metallic shadow palette was amazing, I knew I had to have it. I said goodbye to some of my Ulta points and ordered my palette the minute it was available.

The Packaging

Before I talk about the formula and colors, I have to address the packaging. There’s been a lot of discussion around the design of the Urban Decay Heavy Metals palette. It is unique. Personally, I love the bold, crushed metal effect on the outside. It’s different than any other palette in my collection. While the cover and the palette itself do show fingerprints like crazy, the design enthusiast in me doesn’t mind.

Urban Decay Heavy Metals Palette Design

I also like how the palette easily slides out from the cover. Inside, you’ll find the color palettes divided in half by a large mirror. Honestly, I don’t see myself really using the mirror. I need more magnification when doing my eye makeup (hello older eyes), but I do like having the mirror option in the palette.

A lot of people find the design to be a bit bulky, which I get. Regardless, it still appeals to my creative side. I do wish they would have made the palette in such a way where I had the option to slide out only the side I want to use. I like that I can slide out the neutral side when creating looks with it, but wish I could do the same with the brighter colors.

Urban Decay Heavy Metals Formulation

What truly makes this Limited-edition palette different from other metallic eyeshadows? For one, all 20 shades are new and exclusive to the palette. Secondly, the shadow formula is completely new. According to Urban Decay, “the foiled effect has been bumped up to create the most metallic shadows ever.” Each shade has been designed to be extremely creamy and intensely metallic. The colors are truly stunning and set up in a way, where one side of the palette features neutrals and the other bold colors.

The Shadows

As I mentioned above, the palette includes 20 brand new shades:

Urban Decay Heavy Metals Neutral Swatches

  • BASS – a metallic bronze
  • DEMO – metallic bronze-rose
  • AFTERPARTY – metallic red
  • ROADIE – metallic burgundy
  • SCREAM – metallic mauve
  • GLORY – metallic golden bronze
  • STARFIRE – metallic bright copper
  • ANGELFIRE – metallic pale pink
  • MAIDEN – metallic beige
  • ACOUSTIC – metallic nude

Urban Decay Heavy Metals Color Swatches

  • GROUND – metallic black w/iridescent shimmer
  • SPANDEX – metallic deep blue w/purple shift and blue micro-sparkle
  • METALHEAD – metallic deep purple
  • MULLET – metallic deep green
  • TWISTED – metallic gold
  • ALUMINUM – metallic warm gray-taupe w/iridescent micro-sparkle
  • DIVE – metallic medium blue
  • PUNK ROCK – metallic fuchsia
  • AMP – metallic bright teal
  • GLAMROCK – metallic silver

I’ve had so much fun creating looks with the Urban Decay Heavy Metals palette. The color payoff on these shadows is fabulous. Not only that, but they build and blend with ease. They don’t crease and I have little to no fallout during application or after wearing them all day, whether or not I use a primer.

I couldn’t showcase just one look, which is why I choose these four. The top two I created using the bolder side of the palette. The third look uses shadows from the neutral side, and the fourth look is a combination of both.

Urban Decay Heavy Metals Looks

Row 1: Metalhead, Spandex, Aluminum, Glamrock, and Punk Rock

Row 2: Amp, Glamrock, Aluminum, and Dive

Row 3: Afterparty, Angelfire, Roadie, Maiden, Scream, and Acoustic

Row 4: Mullet, Twisted, Glory, and Demo

Urban Decay Heavy Metals Looks -2

Overall: As you’ve probably guessed it, I’m head over heels for the Urban Decay Heavy Metals Metallic Eyeshadow Palette. It is more than the worth the $55 price point. The formulation of these shadows is incredible, as is the color payoff and wear time. If you love the metallic look, I highly recommend adding this limited-edition palette to your collection.

  • Robin Rue

    This is one of the best palettes I’ve seen in ages. I LOVE the metals and think every color in here is awesome.

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    Gorgeous palette, and I love the shades that you’re demonstrating with your green eyes. Seriously tempting


    I bought some copper eye liner the other day and I am really enjoying the bit of metallic to my eyes! I may have to get some other colors!

  • marciaf

    I bought this during the Rouge Sephora sale but haven’t worn it yet. I know I’m too old for it but I just couldn’t resist these beautiful shades.

    • I’m on the fence especially since it looks so fabulous on Blythe!

  • serena

    Gorgeous palette. Some really great colors in the collection which are great for the upcoming holiday outfits.

    • Yes! These colors are perfect for holiday parties.

  • Lydia

    I love the shades in this palette, absolutely gorgeous! Urban Decay always has the best quality and shades for eyeshadow.

  • Krystal Butherus

    I love the packaging! It’s eye-catching! The various amounts of colors in the kit should be a hit!

  • And Urban Decay is cruelty free which gives them bonus points in my eyes. I love this metal palette and its so hard to pick a favourite shade as the pigmentation is seriously good!

  • Beth Davidson

    I typically don’t gravitate towards bold colors, but I’m currently planning an 80’s rocker party full of fun colors, and now the bottom half of the palette is calling my name!

  • You can expect nothing less from Urban Decay! They make the best shades and palettes as always. Love the pigmentation and the colors on this one! It’s a must have for the Holidays.

    • The shades are so pigmented with just the right amount of sparkle!

  • I really like the shimmer in these. They are perfect for all the holiday parties that are coming up.

  • Reesa Lewandowski

    Thank you for showing us what they look like on your eyes. I was unsure of the palette until I saw that! I would love this!

    • Blythe looks wonderful, she convinced me I need this palette.

  • I didn’t htink I would like the metals but I do!! I like the shimmery effect and the colors are pretty on!

  • These colors are beautiful! I love all of the different bright colors, but i don’t think i would wear it often enough lol

  • Anastasia

    These are really pretty, rich colors! I can’t decide if I like the packaging, but at the very least I think that it’s unique and different,

    • The packaging is bulky but I like the big mirror.

  • Kimberly Lewis (Lou Lou Girls)

    I have a several daughters that would love this pallet. You could come up with so many looks with this!

  • I’ve been determined not to buy any palettes this Holiday Season (luckily, Lancome hasn’t announced another Auda[City] this year LOL). That said, I’m loving the unique packaging of this, though I know some of those shades won’t suit my skintone.

  • Kelly Hutchinson

    Oh I just love this palette! The metallic colors are so bold and perfect for the holidays!

  • hellolittlepeepers

    This pallet has officially gone on my christmas wishlist. I seriously just emailed my husband to give him a heads up. Thanks!

  • jessica reed

    I never tried this brand, but I love the shades they have, especially the earth tones.

    • Urban Decay is one of the best cosmetics brand available.

  • polarbelle

    I really like this palette. I think what they did with the packaging is really cool. No better time than holiday season to take a risk with the creative outer packaging.

  • Jeanine @

    I love urban decay. I am loving all of these shades. That spandex is amazing, I need to try it myself!

  • I love the heavy metals and have a few friends that would definitely love these for the holiday too. Great gift idea!

  • Stacy Corron

    This palette is on my Christmas wish list! So pretty!!

  • tiffany dayton

    My daughter would love this.

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  • Lisa

    I love this make up it is so beautiful. I really want to try it. I have heard so much of this makeup it is about time that I try it.

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