Top 10 Pedicare Products for Smooth Summer Feet!

1404069039_massaginggel_med_r_tcm67-48598Dr. Scholl’s DreamWalk Comfort Insoles ($7.99) – although I don’t wear heels that often anymore, I still love to wear them from time to time. These cushion insoles make wearing heels bearable. There are a few different styles–I like the ball of the foot cushions since that’s where my feet hurt.
1404068600_forherexfoliatingstone_med_r_tcm67-48541Dr. Scholl’s For Her Exfoliating Stone File ($3.99) – this has wide, abrasive surface contoured to the shape of your heel to create smooth, soft skin on the roughest, most callused parts of your feet.
1404068278_aaahhh_2011_bigTemple Spa Ahhhh ($25) -this lightweight balm will chill, calm and refresh legs and feet that have been walking or standing for too long. Containing a soothing blend of essential oils to soothe away aches and pains, extracts of dandelion to help reduce swelling and menthol to cool. My feet tend to swell in the heat so this helps tremendously!
1404068066_300Emjoi Micro-Pedi Callus Remover ($39.99)this little device is a miracle worker on dry, callused feet. No more razor blades or graters–this is extremely safe and effective! Read my full and see the before and after pics here!
1404067824_bliss-set354Bliss Softening Socks + Foot Patrol ($49.99) – rub the foot patrol cream in then put these gel lined socks on. The socks soften, smooths, and pamper with olive oil, grapeseed oil, and vitamin E. They are good for 50 uses!
1404067700_pbbw1-9453739v275Bath & Body Works Heel of Approval ($15) –  made with glycolic acid, this cream does the job on dry, cracked heels. I like to run around my house bare foot and so my heels get very dry–this gets them in shape fast!
1404067551_300Aquaphor Healing Ointment – When my feet get really dry, I rub this into them and then wear a thin pair of cotton socks to bed; in a few nights my tootsies are soft again!
1404067365_l50c68f0603a72 Barefoot Repair ($6.99) – another salve for dry heels, this has Nourishing Neem Oil, Urea, Karanja Oil, and Rosemary Oil for  replenishing moisture.
1404067326_m50c68ee625437Barefoot Repair Callus Softening ($6.99) – this stuff is amazing! Apply to dry skin, wait until it dries and then rub off your dry skin! It really works well for dry skin and it has paraffin in it so your feet feel so soft after!
1404067201_spa-treatments-foot-scrubChampney’s Foot Scrub ($7.99) – this is great way to start at at-home pedicure. This foot scrub is softening, revitalizing !
What are your favorite at-home pedicure products?

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  1. I’ve seen that Emjoi device before and been curious but I didn’t see a link to your review.

  2. I’ve been looking for recommendations for foot lotion, this is a timely post for me! Thanks!

  3. Ooh, nothing better than pampered, soft feet!! <3 I definitely need to try a few (or all) of these products! <3

  4. I like doing home spa days, but I do so love getting a pro pedicure. Probably because I don’t like feet very much, so I’ll let someone else deal with mine! lol.

  5. How did you know I was looking for recs for a callus remover? LOVE this post!

  6. Jess Scull says:

    This post is perfect!!

  7. I think I need that stone file!

  8. I wish I could stand to wear socks! The barefoot repair sounds nice.

  9. Great picks! This Emjoi Micro-Pedi Callus Remover sounds amazing!

  10. Awesome picks. I totally need to check out that Emoji thing. It sounds phenomenal. Great post!!!

  11. Yay Aquaphor! I used to have some Bliss socks and loved them!

  12. I love The Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa line – I need to go check that one out!

  13. That Aquaphor Healing Creme is amaziiiiing stuff. Great list, mama!

  14. awesome roundup of goodies. I love the Aquaphor

  15. I’m a huge Aquaphor fan!

  16. I was going to include the Freeman Barefoot Repair if I’d done this one.

  17. OH! I love how you put a little thumbnail beside the item description. I am such a visual person and I love that

  18. There’s the Emjoi again! I need it!

  19. Lisa Heath says:

    Great picks! I’ll have to look into a couple of these!

  20. Yes to emjoi!My feet look smoother after using it

  21. The Dr. Scholls is a life saver for me and my demanding job. I am quite interested in the Emoji Micro pedi.

  22. I need the Emoji gadget! Great round up of Pedi must haves.

  23. Great picks. I can’t find my Bliss socks and have to get a new pair.

  24. I am lost without Aquaphor!

  25. I keep my callus remover handy. I use it like once a week because girl these feet need help after these runs.

  26. Betzy Carmona says:

    Aquaphor is a favorite of my

  27. Cushion insoles are a lifesaver for me. I have terrible feet.


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