Too Faced Better Than False Lashes: Review, Pics

If you read Prime Beauty regularly, you know that mascara is my desert island makeup product. I can’t live without it. I never leave the house without at least mascara and gloss.  Ever since I started wearing makeup at about age 14, mascara has meant magic to me. I have long dark lashes so you’d think going without mascara wouldn’t be  a big deal, but I consider my best feature to be my eyes so I do EVERYTHING I can to play them up to distract from my damn Roman nose and thin lips!  No demure fluffy lashes for me, I’m all about  Drag Queen lashes!!

Naturally, when Too Faced Cosmetics offered up their new Better Than False Lashes to try, they didn’t need to ask twice! Too Faced Better Than False Lashes is a system–a three step system.  The idea is to get the look of lash extensions without the cost and hassle.  I’m in!

Too Faced promises:

The look of false eyelashes has never been easier or more affordable. 98% + 42% more longer lashes! Throw out the glue and cancel that salon appointment, now you can brush on the bold, flirty lashes of your dreams!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 Prime:Apply one to two coats of the activating mascara so the fibers in step 2 have something to adhere to. This is a tubing mascara which I usually don’t care for but I have to say this mascara seperates lashes beautifully! I wouldn’t apply more than two coats or you will start to get clumps.

Step 2 Build: Brush on one to two coats of  tube #2,  the Flexistretch™ nylon lash fibers. The fibers build both length and volume.

Step 3 Seal: Brush on the mascara again to seal the fibers. This final coat makes small “tubes” around each fiber coated lash, then melts and stretches the Flexistretch™ fibers to create dramatic lashes.

Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Mascara

The mascara itself is a tubing mascara so it’s a bit drier than a regular mascara and has a stretchy texture. The brush has stiff bristles and a fairly typical shape. Since it is as tubing mascara, it doesn’t come off with makeup remover. You need to remove it with warm water and the “tubes” flake off–they look like tiny spider legs.

The tube of Flexistretch™ nylon lash fibers looks like spider webs wrapped around the brush doesn’t it? Or maybe white cotton candy? The nylon fibers cling to the mascara base to create extra length and volume. The first time I used the fibers, I applied them like I would mascara–from the base of my lashes to the tip and I applied two to three coats. For me, this was a big mistake. I have very long lower lashes and I over-did it with the fibers, so every time I blinked, my upper lashes would get caught on my lower lashes–it drove me crazy! I didn’t like the feel of the fibers on my lashes either–they sort of irritated my eyes. Now that I have experimented with the fibers a bit more, I have this tip: only apply the fibers to the tips of your lashes and don’t use more than two coats–it makes ALL the difference!

I now you’re wondering if  Too Faced Better Than False Lashes really works aren’t you? I’ll let the pictures tell the story and give you my opinion.


  • awesome length and good volume!
  • great packaging with specific instructions
  • very good separation and definition
  • you can use ANY mascara with the fibers


  • pricey at $35 for the system
  • the fibers may irritate some people
  • 3 steps can be time consuming

Final Thoughts: Okay, I’m wowed!!!  It looks like I AM wearing false eye lashes! It takes some trial and error to learn how to apply each step properly but it’s totally worth it! If you don’t like tubing mascara, you can still use the fibers to achieve the same false eyelash look with your favorite mascara. I would totally pay $35 for this! That said, I do wish Too Faced would sell the Flexistretch™ nylon lash fibers separately. That might just revolutionize the cosmetics industry!!

Too Faced Better Than False Lashes can be purchased at Sephora and soon at the Too Faced website and Ulta.   Update: I tried using Benefit’s They’re Real mascara with the Flexistretch™ nylon lash fibers and while I did get length, I did not get the definition and more importantly the separation I did using the entire Too Faced Better Than False Lashes system, my lashed looked clumpier than I like. For me, the best results are using this system together.

Prime  Beauty Grade: A 

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  1. your lashes look AMAZING!

  2. Kristi (lov2read68) says:

    Your lashes do look amazing! What your lashes look like in your after pics have been what I’ve hoped for when using other fiber mascaras. Thanks for the update – that very question was in my mind – can you use the fibers with any other mascara? I read a little further & there was the answer. Thank you for anticipating that question while you were testing this mascara!

  3. Wow I want this omg lol, great review

  4. This looks absolutely amazing. I can’t believe your lashes. I am so looking forward to using this! Gorgeous Cindy!!

  5. I really want to try this product. My eyelashes are so sparse and short so I end up wearing false eyelashes when I want to go out for the night.

  6. awesome! It gave your dramatic lashes instantly but, 3 steps is really time consuming.

  7. Your lashes look fabulous!

  8. Loving, loving, loving the final look of those lashes. They practically reach your eyebrow!!

  9. I see in the photo of the brush that the product is made in China. I will pass because of that.


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