Three Custom Color Specialists Vivacious Violet Lip Gloss!

Get ready for Spring brights with Three Custom Color Vivacious Violet Lip Gloss! This spring brights ruled the runway with oranges and purples taking the lead.  Makeup Artist and Color Expert Marisa Fazzina is taking bright lips to whole new level with a revitalizing (and surprisingly wearable) take on violet!

“This gloss is surprisingly versatile. Flirty and fun or dramatic and sexy, but always vivacious…like every woman!”

I will be the first to admit I was as scared Justin Bieber waiting for the results of a paternity test when I saw the shade in the tube. I truly thought there was NO WAY I could wear this color. In fact, I almost gifted it to a friend before even trying it on–but then I would be a bad, bad blogger so I decided to give a go not expecting much. Wowza, I’m in Purple Paradise!!

First of all, the purple is tempered with a delicate pink sparkle and high shine making the shade wearable. What I like most about it is that after the gloss wears off, it leaves behind the most gorgeous bright pink stain! I tested Miss Vivacious Violet and she survived two cups of herbal tea and a blueberry muffin. The gloss had faded but my lips were the most fabulous shade of bright pink that actually looked natural! It looked as if I had eaten oh, I don’t know…a vat of cotton candy? The stain didn’t make it through lunch but it did last from 7 AM to Noon and I think 5 hours is pretty awesome.

3CC Vivacious Violet Lip Gloss

I like to wear this gloss with a barely-there face, a touch of blush and a neutral eye–it brightens my whole face! Don’t be afraid to go bold and do a smoky eye with Vivacious Violet for a night out.

Three Custom Color Specialists Vivacious Violet Lip Gloss is available online at www.threecustom.comor via the hotline at 888.262.7714.

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  1. I would love to see how this looks on the lips too!
    Thanks for the beautiful pics. 🙂

  2. Three Custom Color is such a fabulous brand. Violet is bold but so perfect for spring. Thanks for reviewing it. I’m off to order this and dream of sun and flowers.