The Lipstick League Biggest Disappointments


Question of the Week: Name the last beauty product that was a failure for you. Benefit the Porefessional, it just doesn’t work for me.

Chalkboard Nails – Chalkboard Nails shares her swatches of the OPI Muppets Most Wanted collection. These soft shades are great for spring, but do they really say “Muppets?”

EauMG – has put together a guide to the best smelling hair products. If you could create your own “dream” scented hair product, what would it smell like?

Gouldylox Reviews – What do you think of letting your hair go gray? Is it a trendy time to jump on the gray hair bandwagon or would you keep your bottle color no matter what? I need to know!

Lipglossiping – It may be pink, but is theBalm’s latest Cindy-Lou Manizer really the perfect candidate for cool-toned ladies?

My Beauty Bunny – shares her favorite cruelty free Radiant Orchid makeup and nail picks on eBay. Save some cash and shop her collection!

Nouveau Cheap – Squishy jellies, vibrant cremes and fiery shimmers, all in one nail polish collection that costs $6 TOTAL? Yes and yes!

Prime Beauty – has 6 hand creams to keep your dry leathery hands looking smooth and supple with options from drugstore to luxury brands!

Phyrra – Phyrra’s ecstatic for the new Urban Decay Electric Palette! Check out the chaos inducing colors and tutorial!

we heart this – You simply won’t believe this insane amount of pigment and sass is only $6.49!


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  1. I’m new to your site- I like it! Among my most recent disappointments is Loreal Revitalift Miracle Blur. This product is not cheap at $20. It didn’t blur anything on me and believe me, there’s plenty that needs blurring! On the positive side- my most can’t live without products are from Makeup Artist’s Choice- mostly the TCA and other peels. They are incredibly reasonable priced and there is NOTHING like a good peel once a month or so to keep things in order. I’m 54 by the way so my concerns are the usual anti aging but they are also excellent for acne.

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