The 12 Best Beauty Tips For Over 40 Women!!!


When trying to come up with some original beauty tips for this post, I fell short of inspiration so I enlisted the help of my awesome beauty blogger friends.  I asked them for their best secrets for the over 40 crowd and here they are!

As we age, our eyelashes don’t grow as quickly so I use a heated eyelash curler to give me the appearance of longer, fuller lashes. ~ Moi

Using a good primer that will help even out fine lines in the skin and give you a smooth surface to apply foundation. I recommend Laura Gellar Spackle Under Makeup-Primer or Too Faced Primed & Poreless.  I also recommend Paula’s Choice RESIST Anti-Aging Foundation if you need light to medium coverage. Phyrra


While you can’t completely erase sun damage on your face, you can fade how dark it appears by applying topical Vitamin C daily. Be sure to look for brands that use a stable form of Vitamin C, as unstable Vitamin C will oxidize, turn brown and render ineffective. My recommendation is InviciblescarsA Girl’s Gotta Spa


Try red LED light for anti-aging, even if wrinkles are not showing up yet. Red light devices are getting more and more affordable, and they work quite well to address not just fine line and wrinkles, but also discoloration. They can make your skin look brighter and healthier overall. It is a splurge item that is well worth the money. Beauty and Fashion Tech.


See a dermatologist and see what kind of low to no downtime procedures that can improve your concerns. A heavy peel, micro dermabrasion, laser or DermaPen treatment can temporarily slow or stop the clock. See a dermatologist for a consult and see what might work for you! Gouldylox Reviews

Exfoliate regularly, to keep skin looking younger and healthy! I love ExfoliKate for both the body and face.  I swear by the Exuviance Rejuvenating Mask for evening out the skins’ texture, and also love the “True Blue” spa products by Bath & Body Works for quick fixes while showering.  Raging Rouge

Use a clear lip liner (Sally Hansen has one) to prevent lipstick and gloss from spreading out of the lip line area in your wrinkles, also know as bleeding. I also like to use a plumping gloss while I’m applying my makeup. When I’m ready for the last step I tissue off the gloss and apply my regular lipstick. Not only do my lips look fuller, but they look less wrinkly! PinkSith

No soap on the face! Make sure you find a good moisturizer and do your eyes, neck throat and ears. With makeup keep it simple, shadow, blush a foundation with SPF. Yes us older women can wear mineral makeup and some shimmer on the eyes. STAY out of the sun. If you can afford it get facials at least every season.  Oh yes make sure BROWS they are kept in shape. When you do a facial routine the key is to do it constantly, do not do it for 3 days and them not for another week.  Fusion of Color

When the eyes start to go, which is inevitable, stop squinting and get a pair of fabulous readers! Squinting just causes more wrinkles around the eyes and ages you more. A pair of great reading glasses can liven up your face as well as prevent lines. Fab Over Forty

It is a misconception that women over 40 have to stick to matte powders and eyeshadows.  You want to do the opposite! Add luminosity and a glow to the skin.  Look for hydrating products such as Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizing Balm, and Tinted Eye Brightener.  Also, if you have oily skin, and feel the need to powder, look for products that create a soft focus filter effect, like NARS Light Reflecting Powder. The Makeup Blogger

Get yourself a good set of makeup brushes, they make application easier and more professional.  BeautyInfoZone

Don’t assume that what you used during the colder months is going to be a good fit when the weather heats up. This is especially true in you live in a region with bitter cold winters. Really listen to your skin and switch up your moisturizers. Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog

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  1. I will be 47 next weekend. Ugh. ANYWAYS – here is my advice for over 40 make up.

    -Avoid frosty and shimmery anything. Maybe a bit on the lips, but anything else accentuates lines, pores and makes our skin look oily not dewy. Apply shimmery blush, eye shadow and bronzer with caution.

    -Less Is More. As I age I find the less make up I use, the better I look.

    -Skincare is paramount. Find the right moisturizing/cleansing routine that works for your age/skin & WORK IT. Any make up will look crap on poorly cared for skin.

    -YSL Touche Eclat can be used in deep lines to camouflage and all over to brighten and highlight without sparkle.

    -Watch your hair colour. General rule: as you get grey, go lighter. Nothing ages you faster than dark hair with grey roots, and a harsh dark colour makes you look 10 yrs older & no make up can help with that. The less contrast between your light grey roots and your hair colour, the better.

    • “-Less Is More. As I age I find the less make up I use, the better I look. ”

      So true Jane. Knowing how to nourish your skin properly and wearing lighter makeup keeps a youthful appearance.

  2. Your info on changing the type of skincare you use for the weather you live in is spot on! AND also your advice on NO SOAP EVER! I think that is the one product that many women do not pay enough attention to and use whatever is there in the bathroom!

  3. The topical Vitamin C tip is a new one I hadn’t heard. I was a band camp kid through middle and high school which meant every summer and lots of time outside in the sun. I’ll have to try this.


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