Take Off 10 Pounds Instantly With Hourglass Angel Body Shapers!

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In the real estate market it’s all about location, location, location. In the fashion world, especially after 40, it’s all about foundation, foundation, foundation! No, not the kind you put on your face, I’m talking foundation garments–you know, body shapers. Our mothers called them girdles and they looked like torture devices, I can still see my mom struggling to get into hers.  I also remember her using this funky machine to get rid of her saddle bags which I inherited (thanks a lot mom). I used to love to play with it and when my cousins visited we all got on it! It felt so tingly and strange; like my panties were falling down!



Thank goodness we have better options now. Hourglass Angel shapewear has spent years designing top-of-the-line shapewear and listening to the needs of women just like you. Their incredible line of designer bodyshapers can meet any or all of your needs for a classic, slimming, and sexy silhouette. Hourglass Angel’s extensive collection of shapewear, compression shapers, tummy control, firming slips, and more for both men and women will address all your “problem” areas and enhance only the curves you desire.

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Would you believe it if  I told you can look like you dropped 10 pounds instantly with a body shaper? You absolutely can! With the right body shaper you can also enhance the curves you have. Lost that slim waistline after having kids? You can create one with a high waist or midsection control shaper. Got the dreaded saddlebags like me? A hip-thigh shaper will give suck in those thighs and get rid of lumps and bumps. Droopy butt? They even have butt lifting shapers! OR if you’re like me and need a little extra control in several areas, an all-over shaper works wonders. Hourglass Angel carries hundreds of slimming solutions from maximum control cinchers that create dramatic change, to minimal control shapers that smooth your silhouette.

Hourglass Angel was kind enough to let me pick something from their awesome website to try for myself. They have every body shaper known to man or in this case, woman. It was REALLY hard to choose but I chose this all-in-one shaper by Fleexies. It’s called The Closet Maker Singlet and it has a double control panel for my stomach, a longer leg to reel in those thunder thighs and a control panel on the sides to make everything sleek and smooth–no muffin top or panty line!

04.22.2014 (1)

I have another high- waist shaper that I never wear because it has boning in it and after sitting all day it hurts, plus the fabric is much thicker and I get sweaty in it. Other panty shapers I’ve tried creep into places they don’t belong or are so thin they don’t make a difference.

And… what a “real” girl’s shaper looks like. Please keep in mind, these pictures were taken AFTER I wore the shaper so it is stretched out.  I couldn’t wait to try it out and therefore didn’t get pics beforehand. Doh!


Reinforced midsection

Reinforced midsection

I LOVE the Fleexies Closet Maker Singlet because:

  • the fabric is lightweight and breathes well
  • it is so, so comfortable–even after sitting all day
  • it provides just the amount of control I need
  • the shoulder straps are adjustable so you can have it cover the girls or not
  • the leg opening are elastic free it’s never too tight
  • smooth at bra line
  • I can wear it with pants or dresses!
  • gotta say it–there is a crotch opening so you don’t have to wear undies

This is no lie beauties, I am in LOVE with this shaper–it instantly took pounds off and is über comfortable. I thought the words “body shaper” and “comfortable” were impossible but the Fleexies Closet Maker Singlet has proven me wrong. I could not believe the compliments I got when I wore it to work with this dress. Make sure you check out the before and after pictures!

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Because of the print of my dress, the differences are hard to see. Regardless, I can tell you that with Fleexies my back fat and muffin top are gone! I don’t know where they went but everything is smoothed out.

Ta da! The before and after–what a difference!!!

566d28e6-9c04-4501-8003-26f3293644ccwallpaper (480x360)

I’m amazed at the difference and it amazes me even more that it doesn’t feel like a compression garment and I can still breathe! You seriously NEED to try this beauties!!

The Hourglass Angel website is so easy to navigate. You can look up shapewear by category, target zone or enhancement level. Right now if you sign up for their emails, you get $8 off and free shipping immediately. Also not that the Fleexies Closet Maker Singlet is on sale for 25% off! I am SO pleased with my shapewear I’m going to buy one in black too!

Have you ever used shapewear? Would you? 



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  1. This looks like a great shaper. I am a huge fan of shapers, I do use them, they help me to look a bit better in clothes and feel a little better about how I look. Not bad things. 🙂

  2. I LOVE shapewear. When I go out I love wear super tight dresses and shapewear always helps!

  3. OMG what a difference. I wear Spanx on occasion but these look a bit better!

  4. You look amazing before the Shaper, But I love that you showed a before and after, it really gives an idea of what to expect! I can see that it just pulled things in a bit. If I wear two of them, will I lose 20 lbs?! 😉

  5. Oh wow this looks amazing. i have tried Spanx and wasn’t a fan of how they felt but these look wayyyyy easier to manage and OMG the results are phenomenal. Woozers, I think I need to look into these. Great post and thanks for the before and after photos.

  6. wooo hoo! I want one! 😀

  7. Jess Scull says:

    Oh I totally need this in my life!

  8. Sounds like a great shaper. You look amazing.

  9. I never leave the house without my shape wear! If I have a special event or wear a dress, I am always secure with it on.

  10. I use shapewear when I go to a party and have to look especially good. You look amazing!

  11. I have tried a few shapewear type items and some are good, some aren’t. This looks pretty good though!


  13. I love how shapers transform a body – it looks great. I always struggle with one that works with my body… and bulge. I may look into this

  14. Wow! you look great! I love body shapers, well not the full ones. I used them after I had my daughter, and it helped my belly go right back.

  15. This looks amazing! I may have to check it out. I am not a youngster anymore and need something like this!

  16. I’m totally impressed. What a beautiful difference it makes. I’ll have to remember this brand since my Spanx rides up on me and drives me nuts.

  17. I’m glad you were happy with it! I’ve stopped using body shapers because there has been a lot of controversy on negative effects it can have on your body structure as well as the fact that I believe any body type is beautiful!

  18. I love the before and after pictures, this shaper really does make a difference!

  19. CIndy, you look gorgeous in the before and after pic! That said, how great you found something that’s comfy AND works!! yay!!

  20. I need one of these!

  21. My mother had me in girdles as a young girl, and I hated those things. I’ve worn a lot of different shapers in my life, and rarely find any that both work well and are comfortable! I love wearing one under dresses to keep my thighs from catching fire – I should check out this brand.

  22. Wowzers- that really worked! And i am allllllll about the body shapers!

  23. looks great on you! I love body shapers.

  24. i feel like these things dont really work on me, it actually makes me look worse, believe it or not. it’s because my fat isnt on my sides, so these things just cinch my fat even more to the forefront.

  25. They would serve my body some good

  26. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    I love/hate my Spanx! They roll over at the waist, where I have rolls, and they’re so uncomfortable. And just try to pull them back up your sweaty torso if you’ve been dancing and have to go to the bathroom…
    This baby is mine! Thx for the tip!

  27. Very impressive before and after pics! I’ve been wanting this type of wear-your-own-bra shaper. Do you find that the extra layer around the bra creates added bulk, as opposed to the type of shaper that has the bra built in?

  28. this looks like it gives fabulous results! I have to wear a special one right now for my Diastasis recti though :/