NKD SKN Tinted Tan Liquid Dark Spray Tan!


Just because summer is fading doesn’t your precious tan has to! Tan quickly and safely with NKD Self Tan Skin Tinted Liquid ($19.99). NKD SKN is brought to you by my all time favorite tanning gurus, Vita Liberata. NKD SKN is the newest  collection from Vita Liberata. It is the ultimate tan for girls-on-the-go who […]

Review: Osmosis + Colour Lustrous Contour Duo

Osmosis Lustrous Duo Bronzer Highlight Closeup

  One of the things I love most about being a blogger, is having the opportunity to try new brands and new products, and then being able to share what I learned about and tried with you. One such unique product and brand I was recently introduced to was the Lustrous Contour Duo, $35, from Osmosis […]

StriVectin Instant Revitalizing Mask + A Giveaway!


    Every good skincare routine includes a facial mask at least once or twice a week. Masks are fun, easy to use, and deliver results quickly. They can hydrate, firm, deep clean, unclog pores and even brighten which is exactly what Strivectin Instant Revitalizing Mask ($62) does, making it perfect for over 40 lovelies. Facial […]

Review: Michael Todd Soniclear Elite

Soniclear Elite collage

    Sonic cleansing systems are all the rage these days. If you’ve used one, you know they are no gimic; they actually deliver on their promise to gently exfoliate and cleanse skin. Additionally, the sonic wave technology helps to stimulate circulation, which may improve your skin’s texture. And as you know, the older we […]

L’Occitane Iris Bleu & Iris Blanc EDT

2015-07-17 23.32.28 (480x431)

    The newest edition to L’Occitane LA COLLECTION DE GRASSE is Iris Blue & Iris Blanc. This beautiful scent combines the velvety notes of the blue iris from Grasse and the transparent notes of the white iris from the Mediterranean. This region of Grasse (France), was once abundant with flowers, but has been feeling the call […]

The Lipstick League Lipstick First!


Question of the Week: Name the very first lipstick you ever purchased (if you can’t remember, pick the earliest one you remember purchasing). I don’t remember a specific color, but I started out with Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers and some super glossy rollerball flavors. Phyrra – shares the Best Damn Lip Pencils! Find out who […]

Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Spray Lotion + Giveaway!

2015-07-28 22.55.06 (320x480)

    Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have been experiencing an unusually hot summer. With summer in full swing, I am obsessed with keeping my skin hydrated. A few months ago I told you about Vaseline’s Intensive Healing Serums and I’ve been using them ever since. Now Vaseline has expanded their  Spray & Go […]

Review: Reviva Labs Hawaiian Seaweed Beauty Mask

Reviva Labs Hawaiian Seaweed Beauty Mask

  by Blythe You can spend hundreds of dollars on makeup products, but without a good base to start with, you might as well throw the money in the trash. It seems we hear this more and more all the time. Good skin care is essential, but with so so many products to choose from, […]