The Lipstick League: How Many Skincare Products Do You Use?


Question of the Week: How many skincare products do you use every day? I recently started a new skincare routine with Paula’s Choice Products so the answer is 5. Cleanser, toner, leave-on exfoliant, serum & moisturizer. My Beauty Bunny – Love LUSH? We do too! So we’re sharing our 5 Must Have LUSH Items for […]

The Lipstick League Presents Fall Collections!

Autumn in Boston Public Garden

Question of the Week: What has been your favorite product (or collection) launched this fall and why? I’m loving the Energy Noir collection from Tarte and I still need to review it! Love for Lacquer – Fall is upon us and that means amazing Fall nail collections! Check out the Modern Vampire collection from Cupcake […]

The Lipstick League: Hair Color- Salon or At Home?


  Question of the Week: Do you color your hair? If so, do use at-home products or do you leave it to professionals? I leave it to the professionals, however when I just need my roots touched up I do it at home. EauMG – tries a new luxury perfume line from Italy, Moresque. She’s […]

The Lipstick League & Face Washing


  Question of the Week: How do you remove your makeup? Traditional makeup removers, cleansing oils, balms, towelettes, natural oils or…? I normally use a cream cleanser but sometimes a cleansing oil too. When I’m pressed for time, makeup wipes. Clumps of Mascara – Yep, Fall collections are rolling out and I, for one, am […]

The Lipstick League Asks How Many Makeup Products for an Everyday Face?


Question of the Week: How many makeup products do you use for an everyday face? 9 makeup products but that does not include skincare! Blushing Noir – Check out the collab with butter London and Allure Magazine… plus enter to WIN a set! Get you some arm candy! EauMG – went to NY Now’s Summer […]

The Lipstick League Revisits the 90″s


Question of the Week: What do you think of the current ‘90s revival in beauty and fashion? I’d rather leave it back in the 90’s. I found this picture of the Spice Girls because my daughter played their CD so often I still remember all the words to “Wannabe.” “I’ll tell ya what I want, […]

The Lipstick League and Highlighters


Question of the Week: What’s your favourite highlighter? My current fav is Lunch Money from ColourPop! Beautygeeks – Cute overload: here’s what our ManiGeek has found regarding an OPI Hello Kitty collection rumoured for early 2016 release! Beauty Junkies Unite – Get your braid on with the new Kerastase Couture Book of Braids. Amber has […]

The Lipstick League Blushes!


Question of the Week: Name the ONE blush you find yourself reaching for the most right now. At the moment it’s Too Faced Love Flush Blush in Love Hangover, reviewed here! we heart this – what do you call a skincare product that normalizes oily skin, balances combination skin and moisturizes dry skin? We’d call […]