The Lipstick League Asks What Product Are You Thankful For?

Question of the Week: What product are you most thankful for right now? Right now I’m loving my BECCA concealer and my Amope for my raggedy feet. Beautygeeks – Someone suggested this Youngblood Contour Palette vs the Rob Lowe movie post be marked #NSFW. Agree or disagree? Beauty Junkies Unite – Amber picked out a […]

The Lipstick League Get Pampered!

Question of the Week: When you want to truly pamper yourself (as we all should do from time to time!), which products do you reach for? When I have the funds, I LOVE to go to the spa. If I’m staying at home, I like to use a good facial mask. My current fav is […]

The Lipstick League Must Haves for Holiday 2015!

Question of the Week: What are some of your must-haves (so far) from the Holiday 2015 collections? I’m loving everything from the Too Faced Holiday Collection! Prime Beauty – is loving the glow she’s getting from Redken’s Blow Dry Collection. Check out her review and enter to win a 3-pc. set of your own! we […]

The Lipstick League & Winter Skincare

Question of the Week: How do you change your facial skincare ritual for cooler months? I switch to a richer day and nighttime moisturizer and use masks more often. Phyrra – shares the Best Ways to Transition from Autumn to Winter! Prime Beauty – has traveling to Paris on her bucket list, but until then […]

The Lipstick League & Brows

Question of the Week: How do you maintain your brows? Tweeze, wax, thread, or do you go au naturel? I wax and tweeze. I’ve had my brows threaded and loved the result but no one does it around here. Phyrra – shares the new Makeup Geek Matte Eyeshadow Collection. These are workhorse colors! Prime Beauty […]

The Lipstick League Asks Do You Read Reviews?

Question of the Week: When you make a “blind purchase” (buy a beauty product without ever having seen it in person), how important is it to you to read reviews first? Have you ever made a blind purchase without reading a single review? I ALWAYS read reviews first, I want my hard-earned money to be […]

The Lipstick League’s Favorite Fall Scents

Question of the Week: What’s your go-to fragrance for fall? My standard go-to for Fall is TokyoMilk Tainted Love. It’s sexy, sophisticated and warm. My Newest Addiction – Laura has discovered the best kept beauty secret. Go check it out now! Nouveau Cheap – The LORAC Mega PRO 2 Palette is still in stock at […]

The Lipstick League: How Many Skincare Products Do You Use?

Question of the Week: How many skincare products do you use every day? I recently started a new skincare routine with Paula’s Choice Products so the answer is 5. Cleanser, toner, leave-on exfoliant, serum & moisturizer. My Beauty Bunny – Love LUSH? We do too! So we’re sharing our 5 Must Have LUSH Items for […]