The Lipstick League Talks Retro Beauty Trends!

Question of the Week: name a beauty fad or trend that you want to see come BACK into fashion. The TWIGGY look: bare face, pale lips and BIG spiky Twiggy lashes! we heart this – Hair despair? Repair it with a recipe! Beautygeeks – Tired of trolling Google-world for dupes for your new favourite nail-colour […]

The Lipstick League

Question of the Week: How do you protect your face from the sun? Do you use a moisturizer or foundation with SPF, or do you use a separate sunscreen for facial sun protection? I use a separate sunscreen and suggest you do too. A foundation or moisturizer isn’t enough. Prime Beauty – goes on a […]

The Lipstick League Ask What’s On Your Summer 2016 Beauty Wishlist?

Question of the Week: What’s on your Summer 2016 beauty wish list? Blushing Noir has me drooling over the Jacyln Hill/BECCA collection hitting Sephora stores on June 16th–I want it all! Phyrra – Take a first look at the Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette with me! Prime Beauty – is feeling years younger with the […]

The Lipstick League & Color Correcting

Question of the Week: Do you use color correcting complexion products (like powders, primers or concealers)? If so, which ones do you use? I haven’t jumped on the trend–been too busy trying to get my skin in shape. I do need to be using a green corrector for redness on my chin and around my […]

The Lipstick League Dumps Their Purses!

Question of the Week: Dump your purse! Now name every beauty product you found… I just switched purses and cleaned out so I only have 3 lippies. Nouveau Cheap – Did you know that Amazon is doing luxury beauty boxes now? If you want to see what was in the most recent one, so that […]

The Lipstick League Talks Blind Buys

Question of the Week: What was your last blind-buy (purchase made without seeing or testing beforehand) and how did it work for you? My last blind purchase was the Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette and I love it! My Newest Addiction – The Viseart Theory Palettes are kind of a big deal right […]

The Lipstick League and Sandal-Worthy Feet

Question of the Week: Sandal Season is rapidly approaching in the Western Hemisphere (you may already be wearing sandals as I type this). So let’s hear it: what do you do to get your feet ready for their big spring/summer reveal? I like to use my Amope PediPerfect Foot File and Amlactin Foot Cream. My Beauty […]

The Lipstick League In Honor of Prince

Question of the Week: In honor of Prince, share with us your all-time favorite purple makeup product (and your all-time favorite Prince song). I adore the purple shade in the NARS duo Kauai. My favorite Prince song has to be When Doves Cry. How about you? Gouldylox – Someone convinced me to see if I […]