The Lipstick League Spills on Their Latest Buys!

Question of the Week: Spill it! What beauty products did you buy during Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday? I was actually good this year and bought electronics instead! Nouveau Cheap – Nordstrom keeps adding new holiday beauty gift sets to their website and I’m trying my best to keep up with all of them! Here […]

The Lipstick League Asks What Holiday Sales Are You Looking For?

Question of the Week: When it comes to Black Friday/Cyber Monday, which brand’s sales are you looking forward to the most? My Newest Addiction – The holidays are just around the corner and while we are stocking up on major things this coming week, we should also get the stocking stuffers and backup gifts for […]

The Lipstick League & The Sephora Sale!

Question of the Week: Fess up, what did you buy at the Sephora VIB sales? I was very restrained this year, the only thing I got was the Marc Jacobs Eyeshadow Palette! My Beauty Bunny – One of my very favorite haircare lines, DermOrganic, is having an amazing instant win giveaway! Check out the details […]

The Lipstick League Favorite Hyped Products

Question of the Week: What was the last product you purchased due to hype, that ended up truly living up to the hype? The MAC Nutcracker Sweet Collection! Gouldylox – Once you’ve figured out your VIB cart, come check out this hair makeup that is saving me time and money! My Beauty Bunny – Wow! […]

The Lipstick League Asks What’s the Most Expensive Mascara You’ve Ever Bought?

Question of the Week: What is the most you have paid for a mascara (and was it worth it)? I think I paid $35 for a Chanel or Dior mascara. At the time I thought it was worth but I no longer buy expensive mascaras, the drugstore has many fabulous ones for less than $10! […]

The Lipstick League Talks Brows!

Question of the Week: On a typical day, how many products do you use on your brows? Surprisingly just two–a brow pencil and a wax. Clumps of Mascara – Matching foundation is incredibly tricky for all makeup users but it’s even more difficult when many brands don’t cater to dark skin. I’ve found 20 brands […]

The Lipstick League’s Go To Highighters!

Question of the Week: What’s your current go-to highlighter? If you don’t have one, tell us about the last highlighter you purchased. My current fav is the BECCA Champagne Pop Slimlight–it’s easy to apply. Blushing Noir – Your perfect cat eye is simply two products away AND you can get it at the drugstore! Clumps […]

The Lipstick League: What’s On Your Tip and Toes?

Question of the Week: Quick polish check (because we’re nosy like that)! What’s currently on your tips and toes? On my fingers, Pacifica Star Dust Memories, a pretty steel grey and on my toes, Sally Hansen Bordeaux Glow, a pretty deep metallic red. Beauty Junkies Unite – The LORAC Mega Pro 3 palette is here, […]