Beamly TV Rooms – Come and Chat With Me!


Have you ever missed an episode of your favorite TV show and then been lost getting back into it? Love to discuss what’s going on with your favorite characters? Or what’s going to happen next? Now you can chat with other avid TV watchers about your favorite shows on Beamly, THE social and content network […]

Love Your Kleenex Style and Find The Perfect Design!


This article is sponsored by Kleenex Between winter colds and spring allergies, I need a box of Kleenex in every room. Unfortunately with warmer weather comes pollen, grass and weeds all of which I am terribly allergic to. Itchy, watery eyes and a constant runny nose require lots of boxes of Kleenex, In the last […]

How To Relax During Tax Season With a Giveaway from!

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If a picture says a thousand words, this picture says it all. Tax season terrifies me, makes me bite my nails and gives me heart palpitations. It wasn’t always like this but since I am now filing single and have the blog, things have become complicated. Let’s just say math is not my strong suit–I […]

My Bufferin Bucket List!

Bufferin Bucket List

Are you living life to the fullest? Do you have a bucket list? Have you been able to cross some things off it? Bufferin wants to help you cross off some of your bucket list items so they are giving you a $1,000 AMEX gift card to help you do just that! Head over to […]

Jennifer Aniston Eau de Parfum Sponsored Post

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Every time I go to Walmart, I see it as kind of a mission. Most of the time I’m in a terrible hurry and I always seem to choose the worst times– usually a Sunday morning after church so there are probably an extra 7,526 people and they are all waiting in MY checkout line. […]

Sponsored Post: Estroven Product Reviews

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      September is Menopause Awareness Month. The Estroven suite of products have become the #1 natural menopause supplement in the United States.** Nearly a million women choose Estroven for relief of their perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms, more than any other brand. Menopause has not been kind to me beauties. I had no idea what difficulties […]

Win a Pair of Stylish Reading Glasses!


    Wink by ICU Eyewear is transforming a cold, utilitarian piece of plastic into a unique and highly-personalized fashion statement. Each pair of Wink readers tells a story, starts a conversation or at the very least turns a few heads. By being true to itself, the brand has also turned some heads in the […]

LUSH The Mermaid Bath Bomb to Help The Sea!


LUSH is passionate about protecting the world’s oceans. On May 13th, they are launching a limited edition bath bomb called The Mermaid, with all sales being donated to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to further their good work. This gorgeous blue bath was bomb inspired by “The Mermaid Song” written and performed by artist Ysanne for “The Coldwater Project” album.   The Mermaid bath […]