Imedeen Time Perfection Giveaway!- Slow and Steady Wins The Race

Recently I told you about a new anti-aging skincare supplement, Imedeen Time Perfection®, specifically formulated for the skincare needs of women 40 and over. Imedeen® works from the outside in going deep into the dermal layer where the process of skin aging begins. Using this in addition to your regular anti-aging skincare routine can help […]

New Year New You With Imedeen

Each new year causes us to reflect on what we would like to do differently.  I don’t actually make resolutions anymore, because I find they don’t last. Instead I am going to make a commitment to take care of myself from the inside out. This will include eating “cleaner,” way less fast food and more […]

Imedeen Time Perfection An Introduction + A Giveaway!

As you can imagine beauties I have tried an enormous amount of skincare products. Some work better than others and some work better on specific skin types, but they ALL work on the outer most layer or epidermis of our skin. Wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing if something could work from the inside out? Going […]