How Do You Handle Stress? Here Are Some Tips


Everyday millions of Americans, you included, get up early and go through the daily motions which has them working more, resting less and getting more stressed. In today’s society, there are so many factors that contribute to increased levels of stress. Dr. Murad refers to this as Cultural Stress– the constant and pervasive stress of […]

Which Eyeliner is Right For You?


I was in a hurry yesterday and forgot to put my eyeliner on. As I took a last look in the mirror before departing for work, I was astounded at how nekkid I looked!  My eyes looked old and tired. I looked ‘unfinished’ somehow, not polished how I like to look. That’s why I’m a […]

Get The Look: The Ballerina Bun with Marc Anthony


If you’ve ever wondered how to get that perfectly smooth, doughnut shape, Marc Anthony created a full ‘how-to’ using the resourceful sock technique, as well as a fresh take with a textured, messy version. I simply adore the Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil and Dream Waves Beach Spray put curls in my stick-straight […]