Beauty Spotlight: Help! I’m Stranded on a Desert Island!!

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Well beauties, it’s my turn to be dropped off on the Beauty Spotlight Team’s Desert Island. I’m only allowed 12 products to bring with me (those girls are so mean) but they have supplied me with sunscreen and lip balm. I’m secretly excited about this trip–I’m hoping I meet some good looking chiseled native man […]

The Beauty Blog Spotlight Desert Island Series with Beauty Info Zone


Beauty Info Zone’s Lisa has way more fun than a blogger should picking her 12 items for a fantasy desert island experience. Pin It

The Beauty Spotlight: What’s In My? With Modesty Brown


Modesty Brown loves nothing better than a good snoop. On a visit to her Mother’s house earlier this year, she went on a scouting expeditions and unearthed three generations worth of perfume. It’s an eclectic mix of old and new, including some memorable old favourites. Let’s pay Modesty a visit to find out what’s in […]