Splurge vs Steal Smashbox Masquerade
& NYX Jazz Night

While shopping in Ulta the other day I found a very pretty NYX eye shadow palette. No one in my little town carries the brand and I’ve been dying to try it. The palette was NYX Jazz Night–a mix of neutrals and jewel tones. At $9.99 with 40% off so, I couldn’t pass it up. When I got home and started playing with the shadows, I realized why I was drawn to Jazz Night–it is strikingly similar to the Smashbox Masquerade ($35) palette from the Fall collection. Take a look:

NYX Jazz Night

Smashbox Masquerade

Of course there are differences, not all the colors are the same, but they look surprisingly similar when applied. Here are swatches of the center row of the Smashbox palette and the corresponding colors from the NYX palette. Notice that the green shade in the Smashbox palette has more teal than the NYX and there is some fallout from the brown NYX shade.

tp row: Smashbox Bottom Row: NYX

Here is a look I did using the middle row from the Masquerade palette; gold on the lid, green in the crease and brown as eyeliner. I did the same look using the same shades from the NYX Jazz Night palette. Please excuse the mascara flaking, I was testing a drugstore mascara and as you can see it failed. Anyway, can you tell which eye is which palette?

One eye is Smashbox, one is NYX

A closer look:



The comparasions don’t stop there. I tried another look with both palettes, this time using the purple shades from each palette.

The NYX Jazz Night is not a total duplicate of the Smashbox Masquerade palette–some colors are unique to each palette. For example, the Smashbox palette has a white shade for highlighting and the NYX palette doesn’t–The NYX palette has a silver shade and the Smashbox doesn’t. I was, however, surprised at how nice the quality of the shadows are in the NYX palette, they blend well and have good pigment. I reviewed the Smashbox Masquerade palette when if first came out this fall and was impressed with the versatility. The NYX Jazz Night palette mimics the combination of neutrals and jewel tones and the quality is exceptionally good for a drugstore brand. For a mere $10, or less, it makes for a nice alternative to the $35 Smashbox palette.

I will tally the results of the poll and report on Friday!