Smashbox Love Me Entice Me Eye Shadow Palette

IMG_0091 (480x360)

Smashbox Love Me is a limited edition collection for spring 2013 and includes:

Love Me Eye Shadow Palette ($34)

Love Me Be Legendary Lipsticks ($19)

  • Love Me – red
  • Tempt Me – coral

Love Me Lip Enhancing Gloss ($19)

  • Adorn Me – fuschia pink
  • Charm Me – nude pink

Love Me Powder Blush ($28)

Idolize Me – poppy pink

Love Me Paint Pen Eyeliner ($24)

Jet Black

When I spotted the eye shadow palettes at my local Ulta, it was love at first sight. My only problem was do I go with the tried and true, boy next door, in my neutral wheelhouse Admire Me? Or do I go for the exciting, foreign guy with the amazing accent, out-of-my-comfort-zone Entice Me? Well since I have approximately 4,392 eye shadows in shades similar to Admire Me, I decided to go with something a bit more inspiring and bold and chose Entice Me. Entice Me has several truly stunning shades:

IMG_0093 (480x360)

From top right:

Icy Aqua Blue – this has a lovely satin finish with a buttery texture and a nice sheen.

Shimmery Navy – this is simply gorgeous. A deep navy shade with light blue sparkle. it makes a stunning eyeliner.

Icy Pink – again, this has a satin finish and is buttery soft and smooth with a nice sheen.

Purple Grey – Grurple? another striking shade. If I had to pick the best shade of the palette (please don’t make me!) this would be it. Depending on the light it can appear purple, taupe or mauve and has silver sparkle.

Shimmery Taupe – beautiful taupe with a cool lavender undertone. This has the most sparkle of all the shades and I did get some fallout. I apply it wet to avoid the fallout and deepen the color a bit.

IMG_0095 (480x358)

The stained glass packaging is hip AND practical as well. It does a good job of keeping the shadows separate.

Here is a look I did using the shimmery taupe on the lid, the gruple in the crease and the deep navy as liner.

53cc0dad-0a44-4e64-b7b8-d161a09f09e8wallpaper (480x360)

2013-02-19 00.23.05 (480x164)

I’m so impressed with this palette. The quality of the shadows in superb–soft and so buttery they feel like a cream shadow but they don’t crease!  I would expect to pay much more than $34 for this quality. I also like the combination of colors–there are some neutrals and some jewel tones to add interest. Although I generally wear warm colors better, these cool shades work very well so don’t be afraid it you are warm-toned. The taupe shade is very shimmery which might be a turn off to some but I would encourage you to try one of these palettes anyway. Applying the sparkly shades wet virtually erased any fallout.

My friend Marcia from Beauty Info Zone purchased Admire Me and after experiencing  the creamy texture and beautiful blendability of Entice Me I’m sure her review is going to have me running back to Ulta for my beloved neutrals in Admire Me.

Prime Beauty Grade: A- (the minus is for the fallout). You just need to decide if you’ll go with Admire Me or the new and exciting, British accented Jude Law look alike…er, I mean the Entice Me palette 🙂