Skinn Cosmetics Tint & Shine Luscious Lip Stain & Gloss Set

by Staff Writer Patty

Skinn Cosmetics was a line entirely new to me. It was created by Dimitri James who is a professional makeup artist who has prepped beautiful faces for the runway and red carpet as well as international television shows and magazines. He is the author of a book titled Becoming Beauty. In addition to cosmetics, Skinn has a small but interesting and impressively complete line of skin care (not a huge amount of products, but everything from cleansing, resurfacing, acne care and anti-aging are covered in this pared-down product offering).

The product I’m reviewing today is their Tint & Shine Luscious Lip Stain & Gloss Set. These are a dual-product that contains a lip stain with a coordinating lip gloss. These come in two shades:

Ciao Bella: A bright, nectarine pink stain with a peachy-gold gloss

Villa Rosa: A deep, berry-brown stain with a muted rosy-pink gloss

I’ve been struggling with this review as I couldn’t quite put my finger on the best description for the shades of these glosses.  I have very pigmented lips and I don’t always get a good read on things on me.  I have tried these on a couple of friends and have concluded that these are similar to “mood glosses”.  Your lip pigmentation will greatly affect what you see when you use these.  This is my take on these after several days of wear for each one:

 Ciao Bella:  This is actually my favorite of the two, but that’s not surprising since I lean towards warmer, brighter shades.  The shade you see in the tube is very, very close to what you get. The stain reminds me of the inside of a fresh nectarine, the area around the pit that is that beautiful bright but warm coral-pink.  The gloss is the perfect accompaniment in a beautiful golden-peachy shade.

Ciao Bella-L to R layered, gloss, stain

 Villa Rosa:  The stain here looks much darker and more vampy than it really is.  It’s a browned-down berry but not so brown to scare people away.  Just enough brown to tone down the brightness of the berry.  This one kind of gets lost on me as I think it’s quite close to my natural lip tone.  In both stains, the result is a light, sheer layer of color, nothing heavy or shocking or overly bright.

Top to bottom: layered, gloss, stain


 The stains have a light scent that is ever-so-slightly medicinal but it dissipates within seconds.  The applicator is a thin brush that allows for precise application of the stain.  I was very impressed with the stain portion of the product and have used it with the accompanying gloss as well as alone with a bit of lip balm on top.  When whatever you put on top gently wears away, you are left with a subtle stain on your lips.  The gloss is smooth and creamy, not the least bit sticky.  It has a doe-foot applicator and no detectable scent.

 I have to say that both of these shades are subtle, more for a natural look, great for the workplace or for somebody who prefers a soft, polished look.  My lifestyle these days is minimal makeup (on the days I wear any), but I do tend to bang on some sort of lip even on my no-makeup-work-from-home-in-yoga-pants-all-day days.  I find that I get about 2-3 hours of comfortable wear with these but I do sip water at my desk throughout the day.  When the gloss wears away, a soft layer of sheer color is left on the lips.

 These are affordably priced and retail for $18USD for 5ml of Stain product and 4.5 ml of gloss product and can be purchased on-line at

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  1. I have a lipstick/gloss duo from Skinn that I absolutely love. It’s called SKinny Dip and it’s the perfect nude shade for me. It has some pink, a touch of peach and a slight brown undertone to it.

    Now you’ve made me want to try these lipstains.