PaloVia At-Home Skin Renewing Laser Review: Part 2

I introduced you to the PaloVia® Skin Renewing Laser® earlier in the week and now I want to tell you about my first few expereinces with it. I’m really hoping the PaloVia will help with my crow’s feet, see my before pictures here.

I carefully read the directions and charged the laser, then did a patch test as recommended.

After cleansing my skin with my regular cleanser, I applied the pre-treatment gel around my eyes. This gel helps to provide better contact with the laser, while allowing for optimal light penetration during the treatment. In the instruction booklet, it is recommend that you plan the placement of the laser before using. The first application “stamp” should be at the start of the wrinkle nearest to the eye, moving outward toward the hairline. The “stamp” is the outline of the square on the laser that appears on your skin after use.

I put the laser on my deepest wrinkles first–when you have made contact with the laser, a blue light appears, press the activation button and the laser will make a crackling sound for 3 seconds then turn off. It felt like tiny needles pricking my skin but since it’s only for 3 seconds it doesn’t really hurt. I continued on doing four stamps around each eye. Soon after I could see pink spots where the impression of the stamp made contact on my skin. I left the gel on for a few minutes, then wiped it off with a tissue and used my regular eye cream. I stored everything in the box and put it away. When PaloVia says it takes three to four minutes, they are telling the truth. I must say I have used several at-home devices including LED light thearpy, microderm abrasion and even microneedling  (ouch!) and nothing has been this quick and easy to use.

 A few minutes later, the stamp marks had turned red and it felt like I had a sunburn around both of my eyes. The sunburn feel was uncomfortable and I thought about taking an aspirin but I went to bed instead. The next morning the sunburn sensation had left, however I did have some swelling under my eyes which did cause me some concern. The good news was it plumped up my wrinkles! I did go back to the instuction booklet and was releived to read all of this is normal. I think part of the reason the sunburn feel was uncomfortable is that I unintentionally overlapped the stamps which you are not supposed to do!

I used the PaloVia two nights in a row and then skipped a night to give my eyes a rest as sugggested. As the week went by, the redness and sunburn feeling lessened every day and I had no more swelling. I just have to tell you, the PaloVia is SO easy to use and it only takes 3-4 minutes each night. Other at-home beauty devices I’ve tried took up to 30 minutes to use and consequently I quit using them.  I can handle 3-4 minute each night!   Stay tuned for more weekly updates!

The PaloVia® Skin Renewing Laser® retails for $499.00 at Be sure to check them out on the PaloVia® Facebook page and follow them on Twitter too.

Disclosure: PaloVia has provided me with a laser for my use in testing and review, and will provide transportation, lodging, and food for an “after” photoshoot when my testing and review is complete. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I am really looking forward to each item in this series. I am beyond curious to see how it works.

  2. I hope this machine is the end of your crow’s feet. That would be wonderful.