Sigma Buffer Brush #F45 Gave Me Back My Credibility!

Last weekend I went on a short trip. I am notorious for over packing and I was only going to be gone for 3 days so I decided to be smart and pare down. You know how you get that funny feeling you’ve forgotten something as you’re backing out of the driveway? Yeah, I had that. I ran a quick list through my head and couldn’t come up with anything missing so off I went! It wasn’t until the next morning when I was getting ready to attend the SITS Girls Bloggy Boot Camp that I discovered what I had forgotten–my Sigma Travel Brush Kit! I’m a beauty blogger for cripes sake, I’m supposed to look professional and put together–not like I put my makeup on with Q-tips and toilet paper! Jeez Louise, I forgot the MOST important part of my beauty arsenal!  

I have no idea what possessed me to drop the Sigma #45 Buffer Brush ($19) into my makeup bag at the last moment but wow, am I glad I did! I was able to apply my liquid foundation with my fingers and then buff it in with the Sigma#45. Next I used the Buffer Brush to apply setting powder and bronzer. If fact, this brush works seamlessly for both setting powder and bronzer! It’s dense but soft bristles allow for a picture perfect application with no shedding whatsoever. Although not ideal, I was able to get my blush to look decent with the handy dandy #45 too. I honestly was clueless as to how versatile this brush is! It is designed for use with mineral makeup and works flawlessly for just that purpose, if you are a powder foundation user, you NEED this brush and it’s only $19!

And the best part? The Sigma #45 Buffer Brush gave me back my credibility! I was told on two different occassions that my makeup looked perfect–whew!  If you’re ever tight on space in your makeup bag or carry-on, the Sigma #45 is a sweet multi-tasker! Sigma makes a wonderful assortment of high quality brushes at afforable prices and offers a gift with purchase to Prime Beauty readers on any order over $30. Just click on the button in the right sidebar!  The #45 Buffer Brush is going on my Beauty All-Stars list– pronto!

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  1. I went to an out of town wedding without my brushes. I was crushed. I didn’t know what to do. Luckily Sephora was near so I bought two brushes but it just wasn’t the same.
    I think the Sigma brush wanted a review so it actually hid your other brushes from you so that you could tell us how great this brush actually is.