SENSAI Designing Duo Bronzing Powder – A Woman’s Best Friend!

SENSAI’s Designing Duo Bronzing Powder is one of those products that when opened, sends you straight into makeup induced euphoria. Who wouldn’t be in a state of euphoria when your skin looks luminious and glowing? The powder features two sun-kissed shades graduated together to create a look that can be shimmery and sculpted. On the skin, this sheer bronzing powder imparts a subdued gleam as if lit by candlelight–it’s the most subtle but powerful highlighter I’ve EVER used!!!

Part of the reason this powder delivers such a radiance is that it is infused with…..wait for it…..particles of 24K gold and pearl!! Yes, you read that correctly. Uh, helllllo what women doesn’t love gold and pearls? Not this one!!  There are also a few other ingredients that make this powder special:

  • Golden Pearl Powder – SENSAI’s unique combiniation of 24K gold corpuscles and pearl particles for a silky, shimmering finish that maintains a gorgeosu glow
  • Koishimaru Silk Extract– a rare silk extract, once reserved for the Imperial family, it contributes to the exceptional moistuizing properties and the superior texture
  • Phyto-Squalane – a natural botancial oil that is close in structure to human sebum. It reinforces the skin’s natural moisturizing power
  • Rice Extract – a general and effective moisturizing agent that supplements to skin’s natural moisture reserves
  • Pure Macadamia Oil – light and gentle oil that acts as a sealant to prevent moisture loss

SENSAI Bronzing Powder Duo

The compact is elegant and sturdy with a sull sized mirror. It’s obvious a lot of thought went into the design–I can’t tell you how much I love am obsessed with the brush.  It’s wide shape is perfect for sweeping the powder all along the cheekbone in one swipe. The bristles are super soft and fits well into your hand.

The brush w/SENSAI Bronzing Powder Duo

 SENSAI’s Bronzing Powder Duo is highlighting heaven! As I age, I tend to shy away from highlighters because so many of them seem to accentuate my fine lines and pores. SENSAI bronzing powder is so subtle it does none of those things–it simply makes my skin look radiant and added radiance adds a youthful glow! The ombre design allows you to use either side–one is a golden shade, the other a peachy pale bronze, mix them together for a lovely blush or all-over bronze glow.

SENSAI suggests two techniques to apply this powder:
Veiling Technique– blend the colors in the compact together and sweep it gently over the face for an even veil of bronze. I did not get an orange or overdone look when applying in this manner, just a gentle warm glow.
Brightening Technique – use the golden side of the compact and apply to the top of the cheekbones and on the throat.

SENSAI Bronzing Duo


Bottom Line: SENSAI Designing Duo Bronzing Powder is ideal for us over 40 women as well as fair lasses looking for a bronzer that doesn’t look muddy or has too much shimmer. It truly is special from the ingredients to the luminous glow it exudes.  I’m amazed at how moisturizing the powder is, once on the skin, you can’t even tell it’s powder. For this high quality and the subtle radiance it imparts, you would expect to pay about $75, but at $45, SENASI is so affordable!

Prime Beauty Grade: A+   This powder really is special; I adore the delicate, light bronze, the luminosity and the moisturizing properties.  My pictures cannot capture this stunning powder, if you get a chance to see it in person, grab it!!!!!!!!!

Available for $45 at Bergdorf, Neimans and

  • That is absolutely stunning! I go gaga over items like that.

    • cindy

      Marcia, my pictures don’t do it justice! And for the quality I would expect it to be along of lines of Guerlain in price but it’s only $45!

  • Positively stunning!!

  • BooBooNinja

    What will they come up with next?!
    (I feel like I’m 100 years old.)

  • Maggie

    Maybe it’s just my computer, but I just wanted you to know that I’m having a difficult time reading the text against the striped background. All I could figure was that you seem to like this bronzer (and really, I got that idea from the title of your post, not in the text). Again, it might just be my computer but if a reader had this problem with my blog, I know I would certainly like to know.

    • cindy

      That is strange Maggie, because their is a white overlay over the backgrond where the post actually is–it’s not printed on the background. I would try 2 things–refresh your cache and maybe lower your zoom level to 100% or lower.

  • sarah

    thanks for the review..I was searching for a good bronzer that will not make me look like muddy or orangey. A saleslady tried guerlain 4 seasons (brunette) and it looked stunning on my skin, really natural finish and my skin is glowing. Even my friends thought when they saw me said did I go on vacation, neways the only downside is (not to mention the price) guerlain 4 seasons bronzer made my skin pores open and big. One or two uses I can see big holes on my cheeks. I got really scared. So I stopped using it. It’s a waste but I was afraid that the pores will stay big. When I stopped using it in 2 days my pores went back to normal size. Neways why I mentioned that is bec. that’s the reason why I want to try sensai duo bronzer. I’m using sensai products for cleaning my face and moisturizers. Now I want to try the bronzer but unsure about the effect on my skin. Now reading your feedback about it makes me wanna run to the beauty shop and buy one for me. Thanks