Rock Your Hair by Michael O’Rourke: Size Does Matter


So by now you all know of the challenges I have with my fine, limp hair. It’s as lifeless as Carrie Underwood’s acting.  Luckily Michael O’Rourke, Celebrity Stylist and creator of Rock Your Hair must have heard my plea to the Hair Gods. Rock Your Hair is a fun styling line aimed at bringing back BIG HAIR! I’m talkin’ big, blast-from- the- past 80’s hair! Think Cindy Lauper, Madonna and ANY supermodel for the 80’s and you get the idea. I was thrilled to get a chance to try the brand.  Most of the time I don’t think volumizing shampoo and conditioner make as big a difference to the lift I get from styling products so I chose to test and review four Rock Your Hair styling products:

Rock Your Hair

Size Matters Big Volume Roof Lift ($20) – this is an aerosol spray mousse that creates volume from the roots without weighing down ends. Use on wet hair, spraying at the roots and then blow dry. I did get good lift from this product and it didn’t make my hair stiff or sticky. I’ve tried approximately *3,982 root lifters and this one truly provides the best volume and the most lift. Bonus points for being humidity resistant so your style won’t fall flat in warm weather.

Get a Lift Volumizing Spray for Fine Hair ($22) – I prefer to use this on dry hair to refresh “next day” hair. When I wake up in the morning my hair is as flat as a Real Housewife before implants. I spray through my whole head and then blow dry. This gives me volume and it’s very light; it also gives me some much needed texture for that “piecey” look. A nice bonus is no flyways and lots of  shine. Awesome sauce!!

Spray It Hard Big Volume Hair Spray ($22)love, love, love– no wonder this a #1 bestseller for Rock Your Hair! Spray It Hard is an oxymoron; it hold firm yet is still flexible. I have a VERY hard time finding a hairspray that works for me. I either end up with stiff sticky hair a la Something About Mary or the hold lasts all of 10 minutes. Spray It Hard is the definition of “flexible hold.” My side swept bangs stay out of my face and  I get a good 8 hours of hold! Unlike it’s 80’s predecessors, there is no crunchy feel and it dries super fast.

Rock Your Hair Leave-In Conditioner ($20) – soy, wheat and oat proteins (no, I’m not talking about your morning cereal) join together to reinforce the hair shaft. This is great for keeping my colored hair hydrated and it’s a great lightweight detangler which I desperately need!

Packaging for Rock Your Hair is fun and girly with an edge. The neon pink bottles are adorned with a crystal heart and Gothic type print–it reminds me of something Katy Perry would have on her vanity. From the looks of the packaging, you might think the scent would be sickly sweet like cotton candy, but Rock Your Hair products have a fresh, light appealing scent.

Rock Your Hair

* completely fabricated number

Bottom Line: I am ùber impressed with the Rock Your Hair  Line. ALL these styling products really work for my baby fine hair.  Get a Lift Volumizing Spray for Fine Hair is one of the best products for fine hair I have EVER experienced! I love these products so much I can’t even pick a favorite, but I will say that I will never buy another brand of hair spray! The packaging is totes adorbs (sorry couldn’t resist) 🙂  Definitely worth a try if you’re looking for volume!!

My good friend Phyrra got to meet Michael O’Rourke at the 2013 Premiere Orlando Beauty show, read her article here!



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  1. Mel Stevens says:

    best leave-in treatment you can use after styling your hair is the pro naturals argan oil hair treatment!

  2. It does great in my hair. .I love it when my hair is big and full and with just a sprinkle of this product and a good forceful scalp rub, those results can be achieved. It also doesn’t take much to work!