Review: Purely Cosmetics Mineral Makeup


I’ve never been much of a mineral makeup fan. It has always felt dry, cakey and made me look old(er). Plus it’s so messy. What I didn’t realize is that mineral makeup has come a long way since my initial experience. And also that not all mineral makeup is alike, the biggest difference being in the ingredients and the coverage.

Purely Cosmetics is an online mineral makeup line with foundation, primer, finishing powders, correctors, blush, concealer, eyeliner, and eye shadow, plus brushes and accessories. Whew! What makes them different is perhaps the lack of ingredients– free from bismuth (which is notorious for causing breakouts and itching), talc, cornstarch, preservatives, oils and dyes. The foundations are lightweight with medium coverage I would say, but of course you can layer for more coverage if desired. See, I can say that because even if you get a bit carried away, as I tend to do, it STILL won’t look cakey or dry. There is a great comparison chart on the website showing the ingredients of lots of brands of mineral makeup. Their newest foundation, Skin Smoothing Foundation has silk to hydrate while absorbing excess oil, silica to blur fine lines, jojoba to nourish skin and boron to reduce the visibility of pores. These foundations are perfect for the over 40 woman on- the- go. Count me in!

 I mixed peaches n’ cream with neutral light; and a few quick swipes and I was done. Really it took all of about two minutes—and that was taking my time! My first thought was that I had chosen the wrong shades because the peaches n’ cream looked  a little too dark but by the time I had finished with the rest of my makeup, it had ‘melted’ into my skin and was so, so natural and flawless looking—really amazing! All the redness in my skin was cancelled out and I did NOT cakey! Well here, judge for yourself. Sorry that I have shown this picture recently but I couldn’t get another decent one—it’s dark when I go to work and dark when I get home. An added bonus for me is that I get no shine throughout the day and doesn’t it photograph well?

Purely Cosmetics Silk Smoothing Foundation

Purely Cosmetics Silk Smoothing Foundation

Let’s review—

  • plenty of shades and you can mix and match to get an accurate shade for YOU
  • reasonable prices
  • non-irritating ingredients
  • natural, flawless finish
  • foundations contain a full 6 grams making them super cost effective!
  • excellent for the over 40 woman
  • excellent customer service

What’s not to love? And as they say on the informercials…but… wait….there’s more!

The Purely Cosmetics Diamond Finishing Powder has an almost cult following, and rightfully so! They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and they certainly are mine, especially in the form of Diamond Finishing Powder. It’s made with real diamonds and a patented diamond complex to give radiance and luster to the skin. This translucent powder refracks light and blurs imperfections to give an airbrushed look. Beauties, this does not contain glitter or shimmer of any kind, but a luminosity that adds warmth and brightness to the skin resulting in a flawless complexion—promise! Brush on with a big fluffy brush or stipple brush. Diamond Finishing Powder can also be used underneath foundation although I’ve never tried it that way.

Owner Robyn is an over 40 woman like you and me so you know she understands what we need in makeup choices and she has done us all a favor by formulating a fantastic foundation and finishing powder!