Review, Pictures and Swatches: Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara

Eyeko founders Max and Nina Leykind, named by TIME magazine and WWD as “Beauty Industry Veterans,” launched quirky beauty brand Eyeko in 1999. Re-launched in the UK in October 2011, Eyeko has a new look and collection centered on its signature Mascara. Developed and perfected over 10 years, Eyeko Mascara features three versatile brushes, zero-waste ‘squeezy’ tubes and exclusive treatment formulas created in state-of-the-art South Korean NPR facilities.
Lucky for us Eyeko crossed the pond and Eyeko mascaras have a new home in Sephora stores all across the country, at Sephora inside JCPenneys and at
Beauties, you know me–I have to try every new mascara on the planet.  I was sent the Eyeko Skinny Brush Long and Tall ($19)mascara to try. Whoa, that’s one skinny brush! With very few exceptions, I prefer a skinny brush over the fatter ones, but this brush is down right anorexic!  So….is skinny always better?? In this case it is! The bristles actually wind around the wand alternating between shorter and longer makes it easy to catch those teeny tiny lashes in the corners.  The brush does an excellent job of both separating and lengthening lashes as well.

The jet black pigment is waterproof and does not flake or smear due to the natural oils and waxes in the formula. Pro-Vitamin B is used to condition and moisturize. It does however, tend to clump on the second coat. My lashes are fairly long to begin with so I didn’t need to apply a second coat. The long-lasting formula makes removal a bit more difficult than regular mascaras.

The squeeze tube packaging allows you to get every last bit and it’s adorable! When I opened my package I was surprised to see a really cute turquoise guitar pick in with the mascara. Since I don’t play guitar I was ready to throw it out until I read the press materials and learned the pick is in reality an exclusive Eyeko Shield–a tool designed to help lengthen and maximize curl. I thought using the shield could be a little awkward and my lashes were über long after using Eyeko so I didn’t try it. Here is a picture from the Eyeko website of how to use the shield.


Overall Thoughts:  Long and Tall has a nice formula with great pigment and long-lasting performance. It does a superior job of lengthening and separating but is not so great with volume. The packaging is not only fun but assures you get your money’s worth. If you have short stubby lashes and are looking for to get some much needed length, Eyeko Long and Tall may be just what you’re looking for.
Prime Beauty Grade: B+

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  1. That shield seems to be nothing more than a branded guitar pick. Guess I could just grab a bag of those if I wanted to do this.


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