Review: Dior Golden Jungle Palette – I Am Woman Hear Me Roar!



Behold the glorious Limited Edition Dior Golden Jungle Palette ($70)! The palette contains a trio of matte, satin and iridescent eyeshadows in a sleek silver compact to create the perfect, glamorous bronze eye and a sensual nude gloss for a hint of natural radiance on the lips.

The packaging is a silver compact, one side the eye shadow and the under a small hatch, the gloss. The palette comes with two applicators; one double-ended sponge and one double-ended brush. I didn’t use either of these applicators, but opted to use my own makeup brushes instead.

There a few things you need to know about this palette. First, the glitter on the yellow-gold shade is overspray and will be gone the first time you use it. Second, the pattern is freakin’ awesome but it does make it harder to keep the shades separate and not have one seep into the other. Third, I’m sorry to say the colors are just not that unique. If you have a few browns and bronzes in your collection, you can probably replicate the palette-minus the lip gloss that is. And..the the lip gloss–nothing special. It’s a rosy nude with not much color and a lot of shine.

The eye shadows are typical Dior quality–smooth, easy to blend, no fallout.  The lip gloss is VERY soft and very sheer. To tell the truth, I kind of on the fence with this palette. It’s definitely a unique and gorgeous collector piece, but I USE my makeup, not just collect it. On the other hand, I do think it makes a really nice bronze smokey eye. One the other hand (oops, that’s three hands), I DO feel all the shades can be duplicated with less expensive brands.

I’m feeling like I probably should have chosen the Dior Golden Savannah eye shadow palette instead.  Especailly after reading these reviews on Beauty Info Zone and Perilously Pale.

What do you think beauties? Which palette do YOU like best?

  • No surprise why I voted for Golden Savannah. It’s a beauty!

  • Those look really nice on you, I’ve never tried any Dior but I see they’re worth the price.

  • I can’t choose- they are both gorgeous. And your EOTD— MEOOOOOW!!

  • As much as my love for animal prints has rekindled and the compact is so cute, I would have to go with the Golden Savannah Palette.

  • Mamavalveeta03

    It’s just so danged cute! I would say that technically, I use all of my makeup, too. But in reality, some things just get collected and not really used all that much. Imagine using everything, all at once….Remember the “I just ran into Tammy Faye at the Mall” t-shirt”? It had the imprint of a woman’s makeup all over the front. I just pictured that for some reason. 😉

    • cindy

      Haha Mama you’re too funny!

  • Kim Miller

    I love the uniqueness of the Dior Jungle Palette! I love animal prints!