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The Edlich sisters’ heritage and lifelong mission to make a Radical difference compelled them to make Radical Skincare available to all. Committed to putting money in the bottle and not around it, Radical Skincare delivers Radical results and speaks to those who know better and want more.

Now that summer is coming to an end, it’s time to regenerate our skin. Improve skin firmness, texture and elasticity before the start of fall with the Radical Skincare Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads ($95). If you are over 40 and not exfoliating, you NEED to start–it’s the best and quickest way to younger, fresher looking skin. I talk about exfoliation a LOT on this blog.

These deep-cleansing pads harness the potency of Glycolic Acid, Chamomile, Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids in combination with fruit acids to exfoliate, smooth and soothe skin while improving firmness and overall texture. Formulated at maximum levels, these powerful ingredients penetrate skin to reveal a bright, fresh, youthful complexion. The innovative formula provides immediate exfoliation and preps skin to better absorb the antioxidant benefits and restoratives of other products in the Radical Skincare line.

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This is some powerful skincare beauties!

Trylacel™  Technology guards against the antioxidant breakdown that diminishes the efficacy of even the most premium treatments on the market. The technology encapsulates powerful actives and an array of 10 potent antioxidants—including Resveratrol, Acai Berry, Grape Seed Extract, Green Tea and Coffee Berry Extract—in a lipid membrane that drives the ingredients to the deepest layers of skin while preserving their potency and preventing ingredient degradation. Because antioxidants aren’t one-size-fits all—each type of free radical is neutralized by a unique antioxidant—Trylacel Technology incorporates the range of antioxidants necessary to vanquish every free radical. Combining radical ingredients at maximum levels, the innovative technology ensures ultimate, optimal results.

The pads have two distinct sides; one is smooth and the other textured for maximum exfoliation. They are quite saturated so one pad will work on your entire face, neck and even décolleté. I don’t care for the scent, it is strangely medicinal to my nose, but it fades quickly and I’ll trade the results for the smell any day.

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I use these pads just at night right after I’ve gently cleansed with my Konjac sponge. I don’t use them in the morning because they are so saturated, it takes a few minutes for the solution to dry on my skin. I then follow with whatever serum I’m using at the time and my moisturizer. Over time I have seen my skin look visibly brighter and clearer.

At $95 Radical Skincare Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads  may seem pricey but do consider that the jar houses a whopping 100 pads and I only use them 2-3 times a week. If you are younger than me (who isn’t?) or your skin is a bit hardier, you may opt to use more often.  If  however, you are over 40, I would start slowly and work up to using more often if at all.

Although Radical claims these pads are for all skin types, I would not recommend them for sensitive skin. My skin is normal but getting thinner and more delicate as I age and these pads tingle a bit for me.  Let me tell you though, the tingle is worth the results.

Bottom Line:  Radical Skincare Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads sheds those pesky dead skin cells that cause your skin to look dull and lackluster and brightens your skin leaving it looking refreshed. Perfect for us over 40 gals!

Radical Skincare can be found at www.radicalskincare.com,  Barney’s Stores and www.barneys.com

Fall is the time to turn over a new leaf AND your skin cells,  so I am giving away a jar of Radical Skincare Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads to one lucky Prime Beauty reader!

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  1. Erika Chilton says:

    I do not currently use exfoliating pads, but I do exfoliate.

  2. I have used exfoliating pads in the past but was not happy with the products. Radical Skincare Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads might just change my mind!

  3. I used to use microdermabrasion by mary kay is this product by mary kay the same thing?

  4. Mackenzie says:

    I have in the past but, not currently.

  5. Rebecca Cash says:

    I am using the Skyn Iceland pads

  6. patricia caradonna says:

    I do not use exfoliating pads. Would love to try them. I use cotton balls with Clinique cleanser each morning.

  7. Heather USA (Rafflecopter: Rosie Areola) says:

    No, I’ve never tried pads that exfoliate.

    Thank you, Cindy

  8. Sherry B. says:

    No, I have not, but this does sound like an easy way to exfoliate!

  9. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    I do, but sometimes I feel like they’re made for teenagers, and I am definitely NOT a teenager! (They’re by Glycolix)

  10. Cheryl Lanner says:

    I would love to try exfoliating pads, but. I have not as yet tried them. I usually use an exfoliating cream. I would love to try these because not only do they sound wonderful, but they look much easier to ue! And THAT is always a good thing! :)

  11. I use the St Ives ones. They’re pretty good.

  12. teresa koedyker says:

    No I don’t. Thank you for the giveaway!!

  13. I have used them in the past and not been able to afford to add them to my skin care at this time. The more I read and research I see that they really aid with the entirety of the basis of my skin care. Hmmmm…..fingers crossed :)

  14. I have never used exfoliating pads but would love to try these, as I find exfoliating is such a great way to get the skin feeling invigorated.

  15. I currently do not use exfoliating pads but have tried samples in the past.

  16. Sharon Siqueiros says:

    I don’t use exfoliating pads but would love to try them!! I use a facial scrub a few times a week

  17. Cheryl Lanner says:

    I have never used pads before, I have only used lotions. Would love to try the pads though, very easy and sounds like they work very well!

  18. Rachel Beltz says:

    No, but I need to!

  19. I’ve been using Skyn Iceland’s Nordic Skin Peel, which is really nice!

  20. Hi, being a big fan of exfoliation I’ve been wanting to try this so I really hope to score this one!

    I’ve pinterested you, followed your twitter and radical skincare twitter, tweeted the giveaway and is now leaving a comment on your pretty post :)

  21. I’ve used Origins exfoliating pads which has subpar brightening effect. I love that it helps clean up and purify my skin of residual products and impurities however it is a bit harsh, leaving my skin red at times.

  22. I don’t currently use exfoliating pads, but have in the past and love them.

  23. I use exfoliating pads sometimes.


  1. [...] exfoliation, exfoliation. To help you get a good start, she giving away a full size jar of  Radical Skincare Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads, a $95 value.  Hurry and enter for fresh glowing [...]

  2. [...] exfoliation, exfoliation. To help you get a good start, she giving away a full size jar of  Radical Skincare Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads, a $95 value.  Hurry and enter for fresh glowing [...]

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