Q & A with Smashbox Makeup Artist Lori Taylor!!

I had the opportunity to chat with Smashbox Makeup Artist Lori Taylor and am genuinely excited to bring our conversation to you! I apologize that I didn’t have time to get your questions beforehand to ask Lori but this opportunity came up suddenly and I seized it! I’ve included questions from others that I thought may be of interest to you. I hope you find it fun and informative.

ME: What products from the new Masquerade Collection might be especially suited to women over 40?

LORI: Being a woman over 40 as well, I find that the Creamy Cheek color adds an instant youthful flush. I have been wearing it for weeks and it looks great!

ME: Any other makeup tips for us “older women?”

LORI: Don’t be afraid to wear shadows that have a light pearl, NOT high pigment shimmer! There are certain products that you have to have in your makeup arsenal when trying to fight against time- a lid primer that will even out the tone of your skin and fine lines to reduce that lid crepiness that sometimes happens. Finding your perfect shade of red lipstick for a pop of color. And remember not to be afraid of Lip Gloss, it makes your lips appear fuller.

ME: Does Smashbox have any products to prevent feathering or lipstick bleeding?

LORI: Within the next 6 months we will be launching a new product to handle this issue. Stay tuned! In the meantime, check out our new Lip Tech.  In the meantime, check out our new Lip Tech. My favorite colors are Penoy and Sangria. This product has an amazing texture and won’t feather like some lip products.

Q: What foundation, concealer, etc do you reccomend for the mature woman?

 LORI: My favorites are High Definition Concealer and Halo Powder. Both give ample coverage but never look heavy or cakey. And of course you are starting every makeup application with our Photo Finish Foundation Primer! If you would like to diminish fine lines over time I recommend the anti-aging Primer with SPF 15 and Dermaxyl. Ladies, concealer is always best applied with a brush because it will prevent from over applying which can cause cakiness or accentuate lines.

For choosing the right shade, I normally go half a shade lighter than your skin tone to lessen the depth of darness under the eyes. If you have really dark circles any product with a peachy undertone and a light amount of pearl will also help to diminish the appearance of dark circles. I love our Photo Op Under Eye Brightener and take it with me everywhere. All women should carry it in their bag!

Q: I am trying to find a product or a tip for hiding wrinkles and lines around the eye area. I don’t use powder foundation but when I do apply the cream foundation it sometimes makes the wrinkles and lines more prominent. Can you help me on this please?

LORI:  One of our newest products to combat against fine lines, crows feet, and acne scars is the Photo Finish Targeted Pore and Line Primer. It’s like spackle- it really gets into those lines and wrinkles and helps to even them out.

Q: What should the early/mid 50’s woman do, if she wants to still be current with makeup? The neutrals, browns, etc… are great but what to do when you want a little more fun and color once in a while? Gawdy is not acceptable, obviously.

LORI: Gawdy is never acceptable! Why don’t we try tones of gray, they are neutral but are not boring. Another good color is a taupey- purple. Purple can seem scary but this is a very wearable shade that has neutral undertones. A rosy toned gloss is a great way to add some color to the lips.

Q:Hi I have a ton of freckles on my face but what really bothers me is the discolorization on my forehead. What would recommend to cover it up?

LORI: Try using a Color Correcting Primer. We make one called Blend that helps to reduce brown spots and evens out the skin tone.

Q: Hello! I am using “Halo” – Love it!! But I’m having problems with the right color eye shadows. I do not like brown. I have blue eyes and I wear “Light” Halo. Iwant a Dramatic/Romantic look. I do not like very dark shadows. I usually use Black liner with Grey underneath (set of 3 pencils black,grey,purple). I am wearing another brand now. I am 48 years old, but do not look like it at all. The new Fall Collection, what do you think? The blush I wear is neutral, do not like bright cheeks or lips. Ideas on lip colors also. Thanks so much!

LORI: Love it that you love Halo, it is pretty awesome. I understand about not liking brown, sometimes it can be drab. Colors that will give payoff are taupey shades- we made a color called MINX or FLIRT (Gorgeous!). The new fall collection is one of my faves. There are several colors that will work well for your blue eyes. There is even a great taupey color in the eye shadow palette. The lip colors will be perfect for you as well.

ME: Any tips on getting that winged “cat eye” liner look? I’ve tried and can’t quite seem to do it like I see in the magazines. What’s the secret? I have an angled brush and it’s still not as good as it could/should be. Also for us older women should we give up black eyeliner and go to something softer maybe?

LORI: Cindy, the secret to getting that perfect “winged” look you need a great liquid eye liner. We are actually launching one next month along with a great Get the Look video that walks you through this look! Stay tuned!
ciao, ciao for now!

Q:  I purchased all three shades of artificial light but I’m not sure how to use them.

LORI:  This is my FAVORITE product of all time! You are a Smashbox Rockstar for buying all 3 shades! You can use it with foundation but remember this rule of thumb- 2 parts foundation and 1 part Artificial Light. You can also mix this into your facial or body moisturizers to create a natural glow. Same rule of thumb applies! If you want to use it on top of foundation (say as a highlighter) the application should be light. You never need more than a pea sized amount and apply with a foundation brush to the high planes of the face.

Q: Hi, I have flaky dry skin, so I was wondering what type of eye shadows would be best for me.

LORI: Since your skin is dry and flaky you want to use products that hold a lot of moisture. Start with an eye shadow base like Smashbox PHOTO FINISH LID PRIMER. It’s revolutionary formula contains Phytomoistâ„¢, a plant-based hyaluronic acid for ultimate moisturization plus skin perfecting amino acids. Then use a cream based eye shadow formula like our WATERPROOF SHADOW LINER which is my favorite. I love CASHMERE for everyday and SMOLDER for a night time look! Using will help soften the dry, flaky spots but still provides vibrant color.

I hope you enjoyed this question and answer session with Smashbox makeup artist Lori Taylor. Please answer the poll question or leave me a comment to let me know if you would like more Q & A sessions with other brands and makeup artists!

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