Prime Beauty Holiday 2011 Gift Guide – Unique Gifts

Something you may not know about me is that I am a gift whisper. I take gift giving very seriously and pride myself on searching out THE perfect gift for everyone on my gift list. I don’t give typical gifts and rarely give practical gifts. I want my gift to be special, remembered, tailored to the recipient and anything other than ordinary. The following are some of the most beautiful and unique gifts I’ve found throughout the year.

Aglow Eco Living is all about using recycled materials, being gentle to the earth and creating beautiful rhinestone embellished candles and diffusers that bring the WOW factor to the recipient. There are several elegant designs available or customize your gift with a monogram.

Pictures cannot capture the beauty and elegance of Algow products but I’m going to try. This gorgeous Fleur-de-Lis soy candle gives 90 hours of glow time and is hand poured. Smaller sizes are also available. Candles come in five glorious scents:

Angel From Heaven: Sandalwood is the base of this ethereal floral with mid notes of muguet, honey jasmine, violet and rose. Fruit and citrus top notes intermingle with light and floral cassis and bittersweet bergamot in this angelic scent .

Havana Suede: Woody aromatic musk and sensual spicy amber come together to create this warm, rich and intriguing fragrance. Cinnamon, tobacco and rich coffee beans hide beneath subtle notes of tuberose and a touch of jasmine complete this complex scent.

Korakia’s Garden: The notes of this fragrance will fill your senses with a mixture of the most beautiful of flowers with top notes of acacias, jasmine and tea leaves based in lush roses.

Pacific Coast Highway: Citrus top notes of lemon peel and grapefruit dissolve into a base of cedarwood , amber and musk. Fresh, clean and light.

White Cotton: Our most popular scent, has become our Signature. Fresh bergamots blossom into subtle roses combined with exotic jasmine all perfectly blended with a white musk earthy base. This clean, fresh fragrance is universal to anyone looking to bring gentle calm into any space.

 Angel From Heaven: Sandalwood is the base of this etheral floral wth mid notes of muguet, honey jasmine, violet and rose. Fruit and citrus top notes intermingle with light and floral cassis and bittersweet bergamot in this angelic scent .

Each candle comes with ideas for reusing the container after the candle is burned.

The Pink Rose Script Diffuser ($42)  is nothing short of equisite. All Algow Eco Living diffusers come in a recycled glass bottle filled with over 8 oz. of fragrance oil and 9 bamboo reeds. The scent offered is the Aglow signature scent in White Cotton and the oil lasts over 6-8 months. This is a stunning gift and will give the receipent months of olfactory delights.

Kushyfoot Flats To Go ($10)– these soft, flexible faux leather flats-to-go are genius! I worked in retail for 20 years and wore stilletos to work everyday, all day. Now that I’m over 40, I have no idea how I did it–except that I do remember corns, aching feet, toe cramps and some killer callouses. Nowdays, I stillwear heels but 3″ is about how high I go. I sometimes need to walk across campus (which can be a looong way) so these darling snakeskin flats in a convienient plastic tote are the perfect solution to sore feet. They feature an elastic back for a better fit, a non-skid sole, a wavy inside sole that cushions and massages your feet. Originally only available in black, gold and silver, in 2011 seven fashion colors and patterns were added. These are so cute and can easily slip into your purse or tote!

These are an excellent stocking stuffer or gift for your Avon lady, babysitter or that co-worker that occasionally has to run for the bus! Kushyfoot also has microfiber opaque and textured tights ($9) that actually massage your legs!

Not Done Yetis the brain child of over 40 creator and C.E.O., Carol April.  From the website:   Welcome to ndy©– the rallying cry for the generation that brought you Rock ‘n Roll, created Earth Day and put a man on the moon! Like all of you, we’re just getting better with age, writing the next chapter and loving every minute of it. Here at ndy we realize that we have truly become generation age-less. And though this current technology-driven and youth-fueled culture might pronounce us dead long before our doctors do…We’re not done yet… not even close!

NYD offers lots of products like the softest thermal shirt you’ve ever worn, cute tank tops, hats, coffee mugs, thermal bottles and more, all helping to spread the message of an ageless generation. All clothing is of the highest quality, made in the U.S.A., durable and stylish!



 Scents include:

Night Jasmine

Anise and Clove

Tea Leaf

Sweet Pea and Vanilla

Verbena Nasturtium

White Tea and Thyme

Guava Persimmon and more!

Skeem also has darling boxed matches ($5) and gorgeous compact mirrors ($8) that make perfect stocking stuffers! I urge you to check out the Skeem website for beautiful, unique gifts!

UGG Ansley Slippers ($100)– Nothing will keep your feet as warm as Uggs–pinky swear! My hands and especially my feet are ALWAYS cold–even in summer! My ex-husband used to say my toes were like ice cubes. I know that Uggs are expensive but they are worth every penny to me. The Ansley style are super comfortable slip-ons with a flexible sole for running out to the mailbox and not stiff as to feel like shoes. I bought the fashion forward purple shade for my birthday present to me. My tooties are toasty!!

Emilie Sloan Makeup Bags ($18.75)- Waterproof, easy-to-clean and earth-friendly laminated cotton, available in a variety of bold colors and patterns, each has an Emilie Sloan logo patch on its front and a secure zip-around closure, and opens to reveal a compact compartment with just enough room for your foundation, powder, blush, eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick, concealer, make-up brushes, lotion, and anything else you need to go glam. So many cute prints to choose from!  1-800-820-6126 

  Skeem Candles–  Philadelphia based husband and wife team, Geoff Weiser, a former graphic artist and Suji Meswani, former retail buyer, founded Skeem in 2004.  These silk screened, made in the U.S.A. candles are made with Skeem’s custom soy/paraffin wax. The unique long-lasting scents are inspired by the couple’s vast travels which include three to four annual trips to exotic locales such as, India, Costa Rica, and Thailand. Candles are available in 3-wick, half pint and pillar. What differeniates these candles even further are the beautiful glass containers that are reusable as drinking glasses. What an awesome gift idea that will be usable long after the candle has burned. Glass pillars retail for only $23.

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