PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser Review – Part 3

 I’m so excited to be writing this, the third post of my journey with the PaloVia At-Home Skin Renewing Laser. Read my intro to PaloVia  post and see my before pics here.  Beautiful Makeup Search created an instructional video that is worth watching as well.  This is my third week of using the laser and I can tell a signifiant differnce in the crow’s feet on my left side–yay!!  This is just SO thrilling!! The right side, where the wrinkles are deeper isn’t improved as rapidly, but I do see a softening. I’ve also noticed a firming of the undereye area–this is a bonus I wasn’t expecting!

I’ve also noticed that although the area where the I have placed the laser, the “stamp,” still gets red, the sunburned sensation has diminished so drasticallyI don’t even notice it anymore. This led me to believe I needed to step it up so I have started using the second setting. I’m sure I will continue to see results–I so excited to see my crow’s feet flying away!

After using the lowest setting for three weeks, I plan to use the laser on the second setting for another three weeks and then go on the maintenance plan–twice a week. Again, I feel compelled to mention how quick and easy the PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser is.  A quick 3-4 minutes each night gets results!

The PaloVia® Skin Renewing Laser® retails for $499.00 at  Be sure to check them out on the PaloVia® Facebook page and follow them on Twitter too. 

Disclosure: PaloVia has provided me with a laser for my use in testing and review, and will provide transportation, lodging, and food for an “after” photoshoot when my testing and review is complete. All opinions expressed are my own.