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Last week I told you about the brand Painted Earth Cosmetics. Founded in 2010 by Joanne McClure, Painted Earth Skin Care and Cosmetics are organic, natural, non-toxic and cruelty-free. Joanne wanted to offer an alternative to chemical based skincare and cosmetics. Read my review of the Optimum 15% Vitamin C Face Lotion  and the Vitamin C Eye Gel here .

Today I am focusing on some of the amazing makeup products in the Painted Earth line. Gaze upon the gorgeous flora that is Silk Radiance Mineral High Lite Powder in Seychelles ($34.50). It is not beautiful? Not beautiful enough for me to keep my brush from dipping into it though 🙂 This talc and mineral oil-free highlighter is very finely-milled with a fusion of pinks, peaches and beige that blend perfectly for a pale pink shimmer that gives skin a radiant glow. On pale skinned gals, it can be used as a blush and on darker skin toned ladies, as a beautiful highlighter or used with a light hand, a finishing powder.

Painted Earth’s Silk Radiance Mineral High Lite Powder in Seychelles is made with Argan Oil, to add the hydration we over 40 gals need. It also has Rice Silk which helps to “set” foundation and absorb excess shine along with a Multi-Mineral Complex that includes Vitamins A, C, and E.

If you are pale like me, I suggest using as a blush or with a delicate fan brush on top of blush for a “JLo Glow.” One quick swipe with a light hand will illuminate and brighten any complexion.


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The next jewel I discovered from Painted Earth is their SuperWear Gel Liner ($18.50). Oops, that’s kind of a fib...I didn’t discover it, my good friend Marcia from Beauty Info Zone did and told me about it–credit due…yada, yada, yada.

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Anywho, I chose the shade Baroque based on Marcia’s review here. It’s a mix of khaki, brown, taupe with a tiny bit of gold shimmer–I know splendiferous (love that word), right?? I love me some unique and complicated eyeliner shades. Not only is the color distinctive, but the texture is amazing! Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil give the pencil a very soft and smooth application. Truly, it is one of the softest liners I’ve ever used–the perfect marriage of a gel liner and a pencil with excellent pigmentation. And here’s the best part?  Painted Earth SuperWear Gel Liners are creamy, smooth, don’t skip AND last all day!!  The soft texture make these perfect for over 40 eyes. I can’t wait to try more colors!

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Bottom Line: now that I have experienced both the skincare and cosmetics from Painted Earth, I am a true believer in this line!! My skin is glowing thanks to the Vitamin C face lotion, and the SuperWear Gel liners are some of the best on the market. These products are good for you, good for the environment and good for your wallet!

P.S.- There is also a product called Boo-Boo- gel that I will be trying and reviewing soon so stay tuned!

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