One, Two, Three Custom Color Specialists


Beauties, Three Custom Color Specialists has stolen my heart….and cheeks….and lips….and under eye area!

Every brand has an image and a sort of “personality.” Urban Decay is edgy, Bobbi Brown is polished, and Clinique has a reputation for attracting the teen crowd. Three Custom Color Specialists’ personality is charming. It’s like the best friend you’ve known for years; comfortable, but she never ceases to amaze and surprise you with all that she’s capable of and that’s what keeps it interesting. Three Custom Color is like that best friend. The line feels comfortable, not too scary or trendy, but the things they are capable of are truly amazing; like producing discontinued shades. How many times have you found the perfect red lipstick or the ideal pink blush for your skin tone only to have it be discontinued? I know I have and then wondered what the heck I did to piss off the makeup Gods. No worries beauties, Three Custom Color Specialists has your back!  They can produce discontinued shades for the Lips, Cheeks, Eyes & Face and all formulas remain in their personal files for easy re-ordering. Or how about creating your own custom shade? Your own personal shade can be created  from a splash of nail color in a baggie, a piece of fabric, a paint chip, a photo from a magazine, two lips colors blended together to create the ideal shade… anything! It’s genius I tell you!! I can picture myself with a custom pinky coral lip shade called..can you guess?….3 chances…yes! Prime Beauty!!

Until then I will settle for Three Custom Color’s Ready to Wear line and lemme tell you…. it is special. Gush Warning: I love every product I’ve tried from Three Custom Color–honest– and I mean pinky swear honest.

The first product I tried was the Cream to Powder Blush ($22.50). The texture is remarkable; when I dip my fingers into the pot, it feels creamy & moist, but when I touch it to my face, it instantly turns to into a very fine, delicate powder that still blends like a cream and feels like satin on the skin. The shade I chose was Rose and I guess I expected something more pink, but this is more of a tawny red and it looks so natural (no shimmer) like I just went for a run. I also tried Morning After, a pale peachy pink which should probably be called Right After because it looks that natural if you get my drift. This blush  lasts like the Energizer Bunny. I applied it at 6 AM, worked until 4 PM, then went shopping and it was still going strong at 8 PM. Yay!

The next item I tried is the gloss in Bare, but… Aptly named, this gloss is very sheer peach with just a teeny hint of gold sparkles. I prefer a bit more color but it’s works for a natural look–very subdued, it does not take away from the rest of the face. Bare, but… is very high shine and not sticky at all. The consistency is thin which I like, I hate super thick goopy glosses. The only improvement I would make is to make it more long lasting.

Both Morning After Blush and Bare, but… gloss are part of the Robert Jones Signature Collection which is made just for us older beauties! Robert Jones, makeup artist and best-selling author of “Looking Younger” and “Makeup Makeovers”, is known for helping his clients achieve a youthful glow at any age. Robert is a long-time fan of Three Custom Color, so it was only natural that they would create a signature collection together. The collection is delightful and perfectly suited to us over 40 women.

Three Custom Color Lip and Cheek Stain ($22.50) is another winner of a product. What amazes me about it is that it feels sticky when you swirl it in the pot, but not on your cheeks at all. I love cream blushes but many are sticky on the face and TCC lip and cheek stain is not. It is also one of the few lip and cheek products that can actually be used on both lips and cheeks, although I do prefer it on cheeks. Super sheer and dewy, it gives the cheeks a nice flush and is buildable. The balm-like consistency gives the lips just a tint of color. I tried the shade Poppy, which is a neutral coral and I feel is a great summer color for any skin tone. It looks scary bright in the pan, but applies sheerly.

I was love-struck the moment I opened the concealer compact. It looked moist and creamy and like a souffle–although I’ve never made a souffle so I really don’t know what one looks like. Never mind. Take a look and you’ll see what I mean….

Beauties I have been on a search quest for a good concealer for quite some time now. I believe my quest may have come to an end with Three Custom Color Concealer #3. This is just the right texture–not too thin to disappear, thick enough to cover without caking. It is moisturizing, does not settle into lines and lasts all day. I’ve tried Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Benefit, and a plethora of drugstore brands. Nothing compares to this. Most are either too thin and disappear too quickly, or too thick and end up making my greatest fear come true by caking under my eyes. I hate that! I’m really smitten with this concealer and at $22.50 I’m pretty sure this will become my Holy Grail of concealers. Oh and #3 is a perfect match, which reminds me–there is a very nice color chart on the website to help you determine your skintone and recommend products to suit you!

 Three Custom Color Specialists products are high quality, high performing and reasonably priced. Many items are especially well suited to over 40 women. Give them a try, I’m glad I did! And if you’re listening Three Custom Color Specialists gurus, I still want my own signature Prime Beauty lipstick *wink, wink*!

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