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Beauty Product Blast from the Past!

News flash beauties, I’m adding a new feature I hope you’ll like. It’s called Cawfee Tawk Tuesdays and every week I will be introducing a new topic we can all discuss. It can be beauty related or not. We can talk about beauty products you love or hate, your kids, your life, the new outfit you bought, a great book you read, anything you like!  I’ll give you a topic- Blast from the Past Beauty Products–discuss…amongst yourselves. 

This idea came to me after reading a really great book, called Hope in a Jar by Beth Harbison and yes, they were talking about the Philosophy moisturizer Oprah made famous in one of her “My Favorite Things” episodes. The book is really about friendship but it opens with two 7th grade girls swapping Lip Smackers, having sleepovers and experimenting with makeup.  Part of what I found really enjoyable about the book was reminiscing about the makeup and beauty products I grew up with. Each chapter opens with an ad from a beauty product of the time–“You can try hard or you can try soft. Soft will get him every time”–Love’s Baby Soft or Make yourself happy with a little tickle” an ad for Tickle deodorant.

 Reading this book reminded me of the very first time a beauty product had an impact on my life. It was my first date; I was 14 and went to a church Halloween scavenger hunt with Ernie Gumprecht. Ernie was short but cute with a tight naturally curly afro. He was polite, very smart and both of his parents were doctors; Ernie had aspirations of becoming a doctor too even then. I liked him…in theory. In my giddy, romantic and immature mind, I pictured us as soul mates; sipping our cherry cokes and holding hands at the local café, him writing me love notes, attending all the school dances–me in a softly flowing gown that would have actually been long enough for my 5′ 8″ lanky body. I loved the idea of him and of having a boyfriend, but in reality when we were together he kinda bored me. After we had collected everything on our list, we went back to the host’s basement for snacks. Ernie was sitting behind me on the floor and he smelled my hair and touched it. He told me how good my hair smelled and he really did seem kind of… entranced. In that moment I learned two things; always leave your hair a bit damp so it retains the smell of your shampoo and girls have a certain power over boys. If you’re wondering what shampoo it was, it was the original Herbal Essence shampoo which was green and had an earthy smell of freshly mowed grass. I had a few more church group dates and then said goodbye to Ernie. Dr. Ernest Gumprecht is now a very, very rich and successful cardiologist. I guess boring is not so bad after all.

As I write this, I’m getting a little verklempt…..tawk amongst yourselves….. I’ll give you a topic; blast from the past beauty products…there will be no blast, but remember the past…..discuss!  Leave me a comment with your memories of your favorite products from your youth!

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  1. Aww. That’s an awesome story! I love the way scents can transport us to a specific time and place. I know one woman that buys a new perfume for every vacation/event of her life. she wears the perfume throughout the vacation/event, then when she wants to remember it all over again she simply sprays that scent on her and she brings back a flood of memories. I think I need to smell some of my old high school perfumes Ysatis and Lulu. That should bring back memories!
    .-= PinkSith´s last blog ..Wet N Wild Wet Shine nail polish in Eggplant Frost and Night Prowl =-.

    • What a great idea! Yes, Ysatis brings back memories! Also when I was around 23 I wore Calvin Klein’s Obsession and had a boyfriend that was an actor. He would tell me I was distracting when I sat in the audience b/c he could smell my perfume!

  2. My dad was a pharmacist and had a cosmetics counter in the store. I starting asking for stuff to take home at about age 12. It began with Love and Yardley makeup (remember Glimmericks shadows that you had to wet?), Bonne Bell 1006 Lotion (the best toner on earth!), Emeraude fragrance, Maybelline cake mascara…In the ’70s I “graduated” to Clinique. I still love the smell of original Prell shampoo (although it’s way to harsh for my dry, color-treated hair) and my first “creme rinse” aka conditioner was Wella Balsam. I’d better stop before I start to cry 🙂

    • Yes Yardley!! I felt worldly!

    • Ah yes, 10-0-6 lotion, like my friend Elvira says “that stuff could take the chrome off a Buick”! I used it daily, I’m surprised my skin survived!

  3. Great idea for a post Cindy!!! I remember CK Obsession well–that was strong stuff and I probably wore way tooooo much. Also, I remember shopping with my mom. When I turned 18 she bought me the smallest bottle of Chanel No. 5–and I was hooked for life LOL!
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..L’Occitane Peony – Etoile des Neiges Face Powder and Jolie Thérèse Eyeshadow Duo =-.

  4. Yardley was the bomb! The only time I ever shoplifted was when I stole a tube of Yardley white lipstick. I was 13 and my mother wouldn’t buy it for me (wonder why?). So, I walked into Modern Drug one day after school and swiped a tube of that lipstick. My mother woulnd’t let me have go-go boots either, but that’s another story 🙂

    • Ha ha! My sister was 11 yrs older and she ROCKED white lipstick and cat eye eyeliner!

  5. KurleeEdna says:

    I washed my face every day with Noxema in a jar. I loved that cool, refreshing feeling on my skin. I also liked to spray on Love’s Baby Soft, but once I was a senior in high school, thinking I had become more sophisticated, I moved onto Cache. (I sprayed on way too much of that stuff until I gave myself a headache!)

  6. I loved Yardley cosmetics too= specifically their Pot ‘o Gloss. I also remember loving perfumes like Love’s Baby Soft, Heaven Sent and Charlie’s Girl. My favorite shampoo was Revlon’s Aquamarine- I just loved the way that smelled.

    This is a great idea!!!

  7. Great post! I had a Love’s cream eyeshadow in baby blue – my mom found it and confiscated it saying that I was too young to wear makeup so I stole it back and put it on everyday at school along with a navy blue eyeliner – so not a good look – but I thought I looked amazing!

    Best, LIsamarie
    .-= Lisamarie´s last blog ..Five American Beauty Brands that you need to know about! =-.


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