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Just because summer is fading doesn’t your precious tan has to! Tan quickly and safely with NKD Self Tan Skin Tinted Liquid ($19.99). NKD SKN is brought to you by my all time favorite tanning gurus, Vita Liberata. NKD SKN is the newest  collection from Vita Liberata. It is the ultimate tan for girls-on-the-go who love to look good without spending too much time on it! Uh, that would be me! The NKD Skin collection combines fast and flawless tanning at an affordable price. 

Hopelessly impatient, I tried the NKD Self Tan Skin Tinted Liquid in dark. Anything that says dark makes this pale girl nervous! However, I got a  natural golden color that dried in an instant!

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I exfoliated in the shower before applying the easy to use spray and did NOT moisturize. Make sure you do this before applying any self tanner so you don’t get streaks or blobs. A mini tanning mitt is included with the liquid–such a nice touch!! The spray is fairly contained–meaning there is not a lot of overspray. Still I place an old towel under me when I use this. I spray about 3 sprays per limb, and rub in a circular motion with the mitt. Always tan bottom to top so you don’t smudge your tan.

What I love about this is that this dries instantly and the color comes up immediately so I can see places that I might have missed. The best thing about NKD SKN Self Tan Skin Tinted Liquid is that there is NO smell! I quit using self-tanners because I couldn’t stand the smell and this tanner solves that problem! The other thing I adore about this tanner is that it doesn’t dry out my skin. Vita Liberata uses natural, certified organic and Ecocert ingredients to nourish the skin, with Moisture Locking Technology to hydrate skin for 72 hours. I so love this–my skin felt so hydrated it felt like I had moisturizer on when I didn’t. 

Finally, if you are a pale girl like me, do not be afraid of “dark” on the label, I got a great golden color that looks totally natural. I’m glad I chose dark because I don’t have to apply as much to get an instant tan.

Left leg NKD Skin, right leg nothing

Left leg NKD Skin, right leg nothing

Bottom Line: NKD SKN Self Tan Skin Tinted Liquid provides a natural looking tan without sacrificing your skin and without the awful smell! Plus, it so affordable! A+

Vita Liberata is available at the NKD SKN website, Walgreen’s. Ulta and Target.

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