Nexxus Youth Renewal Hair Care Collection – Pump Up The Volume!


As an over 40 beauty blogger I talk a lot about aging and ways to help prevent and/or lessen the affect. Have you noticed there are precious few anti-aging products for hair? I sure have and you can believe that aging effects our fabulous tresses as well as our faces.  I’m noticing grey’s of course but also thinning and lack of body and shine. Thanks a lot Mother Nature.

The newest line launch from Nexxus, Youth Renewal™,  helps to combat signs of aging hair. The Youth Renewal™ line helps to fight 8 visible signs of aging hair, as identified by Nexxus R&D, including —volume loss, breakage, less shine, roughness, dryness, brittleness, unruliness and loss of color vibrancy.  The line’s formula helps to improve color radiance, shine, strength, and volume, as well as reduce frizz.

The collection includes:

I was sent both the Nexxus® Youth Renewal™ Plump & Lift Blow Dry Spray and the Rejuvenating Dry Shampoo. 


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Not unlike it’s owner, my hair is stubbornly straight, flat and lacks bounce and shine. Needless to say, I was excited to try the Nexxus Plump & Lift Blow Dry Spray ($17.99). I have struggled with volume since…well since forever! Anything that can add volume and plump up my thin strands is a welcome change. Unfortunately many root lifters have tried and failed but not Nexxus!! I love, love, love the Plump & Lift Blow Dry Spray because it actually works! It’s true, even on my fine limp hair I got my volume and bounce back! My hair now has a good amount of volume that lasts ALL day! The other nice thing is that I can use it on wet or dry hair. You are supposed to use on wet hair and I will admit it does work better on wet hair, but I have also used it on dry hair the next day to add volume. It doesn’t make my hair stiff or crunchy and it smells REALLY good. That could be a deterrent to some because the scent is quite strong so beware of you are sensitive to fragrance. It is a bit pricey for a drugstore product, but I only need about three squirts for each side of my head so it should last a long time. I will definitely repurchase this!

Nexxus® Youth Renewal™ Rejuvenating Dry Shampoo ($17.99)

Introducing the first ever Dry Shampoo from Nexxus that helps maintain hair color longer by increasing the time in between washes. The optimized lightweight formula is designed to absorb excess oils without additional residue.

I wasn’t as impressed with the dry shampoo as the Plump & Lift Blow Dry Spray, however this product does have benefits.


  • Doesn’t feel gritty on my scalp
  • The spray container is nice–much less mess than shaker containers
  • No residue or white powder
  • Pleasant scent


  • Pricey
  • Those that are sensitive to fragrance may want to steer clear
  • Volume does not last throughout the day

This dry shampoo does a very good job of pumping up the volume, absorbing oil and refreshing between washes. Nexxus® Youth Renewal™ Rejuvenating Dry Shampoo comes really close to being the perfect dry shampoo!

Bottom Line: I am very impressed with the Nexxus® Youth Renewal™ products I’ve tried and I want to try more–particularly the shampoo and the elixer. If you have stressed, colored, aging hair I definitely think the line is worth a try!


Press Sample