New! Mark Color Collection by Avon

 Mark Color Collection by Avon

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The first time I became aware of mark. by Avon was back in days of The Hills when Lauren Conrad was their spokesperson. She was the “it” girl of the time. Today, their brand ambassador is Lucy Hale, star of Pretty Little Liars. While I’ve never seen the show, I do love Lucy’s style, especially her beauty style. It made very curious to try some of the goodies from the new Mark Color Collection.

Mark Color Collection – Touch & Glow

Mark Color Collection Touch & Glow Shimmer Cream Cubes

As a girl who loves glowing skin, I immediately gravitated to the new Touch & Glow Shimmer Cream Cubes, $18, in Coral Glow and Pearly Glow. Not only is the packaging stunning but so are the cream-to-powder products inside the palettes.

At first glance, I wasn’t sure how the Coral Glow would look on my pale skin, but I was pleasantly surprised. In fact, of the two palettes, Coral Glow has quickly become a favorite. There is just something about those warm golds and oranges. They are perfect for fall. Of course, I also adore Pearly Glow with its rich tones of pink, rose and copper.

Mark Color Collection Shimmer Cubes Coral Glow Swatches

Mark Color Collection Shimmer Cubes Pearly Glow Swatches

These shimmer cream feel like butter in the pan and on the skin. Though they are extremely pigmented, you can blend them out for a subtle glow, or build them up for an intense highlight. I’m also a huge fan of the cube design. It really gives you flexibility. You can blend them all together or use a couple of shades to highlight your cheekbones, cupid’s bow, lids, brow bones, or anywhere else you want to feel all aglow.

Mark Color Collection – Face Brushes

A girl can never have too many makeup brushes. I like to have several options at my disposal, especially since certain types of brushes work better with certain types of products. Plus, it means I can rotate my brushes before I have to do the big clean.

I very kindly received eight of the Mark Color Collection brushes to test out, and I definitely have some thoughts on each. First up is the Powder Brush, $18 and Buffing Brush, $16. Both brushes are made from natural goat hair and feature an aluminum ferrule and ABS handle.

Mark Color Collection Powder and Buffing Brushes

While I do like the metal handle and ferrule, it does show fingerprints quickly. I also notice they dent easily, especially around the ferrule. Regardless, both brushes do a great job of buffing and blending. The buffing brush is one of my favorites in the collection. The dense bristles really help blend out harsh lines.

There is some noticeable shedding with both brushes, but it does dissipate some with use. I also notice a difference in the feel of the brushes. The buffing brush feels more substantial and better crafted than the Powder Brush.

Mark Color Collection Kabuki and Dual Ended Blush Bronzer Brushes

Next, is the Mark Color Collection Kabuki Brush, $14, and Dual-ended Blush Bronzer Brush, $18. These also feature natural goat hair, an aluminum ferrule, and ABS handle. Although I’m not typically a fan of dual-ended brushes, mostly because they are hard to store, I do like the Blush Bronzer brush. It works well with both cream and powder products. I can even use the bronzer side for highlight.  I don’t get as much use out of the blush side. It’s nice, but I wish it was denser so it would blend blush better.

The Kabuki brush works well with a variety of products, which makes it very versatile. However, it feels very cheaply made and sheds like crazy. This does seem to lessen over time, but I still find the shedding annoying. The same problem occurs with the dual-ended brush. Although it doesn’t shed as much as the others, but the bristles do come out pretty easily.

Mark Color Collection Foundation and Concealer Brush

I also tried out the Foundation, $18, and Concealer, $10, Brushes. Unlike the previous brushes, the Mark Color Collection Foundation and Concealer brushes use synthetic hairs instead of natural hairs. Their ferrules and handles are aluminum and ABS.

Although the concealer brush feels very cheaply made, the bristles are very dense and work great for smoothly blending concealer anywhere you place it.  The same applies to the foundation brush. It blends in foundation very evenly. It does have a bit more weight to it than the concealer brush, which makes it feel more substantial. I also like that it has a nice doomed point, which helps you get into small areas around the eyes and nose.

Mark Color Collection Fan and Stippling Brushes

The final two brushes in Mark Color Collection are the Fan Brush, $14, and Stippling Brush, $16. The fan brush is crafted from pony hair and features the aluminum ferrule and ABS handle. This brush was an absolute fail for me. It doesn’t feel well made and is not easy to work with at all. The bristles are not dense enough to pick up any product. If you do finally manage to get product on the brush, you can’t blend into the skin. The only thing I use it for is to dust away fall out.

However, the stippling brush, like the buffing brush, is one of my favorites. Made from a combination of synthetic hair and natural goat hair, the brush also features the signature aluminum ferrule and ABS handle. The stippling brush has a nice weight to it and does an amazing job of blending in a wide array of products. It’s one of the most versatile brushes in the collection.

Overall: I had some hits and some misses in the Mark Color Collection. The Touch and Glow Shimmer Cubes were definite standouts. Not only will they give you that perfect glowing skin, you can use them in multiple ways. If you’re looking to add some new brushes to your collection, I would recommend the Stippling and Buffing Brush. They are the most versatile and well-designed of the face brushes I tried.


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  1. Really like these rich fall colors! Makes me want to try something new for my makeup for the new season!

  2. The cubes are a very different style, I would be so worried they would break easier because of how they are packaged. I love the look of the stippling brush. It’s funny because I was thinking that’s the one I would want and then I got to the end where you recommending in and the buffing one.

    • Amy Downs says:

      Hi Angela, I have had about four of these compacts now with no problem with breakage. Get yourself one and get your glow on!

  3. I’m not really obsessed with makeup and trying new brands, but I love the way these look. Something I’ve never seen before with cubes.

  4. I’m sure these cubes give your skin a beautiful Summer glow! Good brushes really help the look and application of your make-up!!

  5. Roxanne Ferber says:

    I’m not the best at make up, but I have noticed that having the right brush does make a difference! I love the coral glow cubes the best!

  6. This is such a pretty collection. I am loving those brushes! I love trying out new brands too, so I am going to be looking for this now

  7. Journa Ramirez says:

    Another beautiful collection that any woman would love to have. Wow! I just love everything about it

  8. Amy Downs says:

    I have this in the Pearly Glow and it is gorgeous, it gives a nice luminous look without glitter. I hate glitter in makeup, period! One comment below mentions being concerned they may break but I can assure you they do not as I’m on my third or fourth Compact with no worries. We have had these for a long time here in Canada, pearly first then more recently coral. Mark has undergone a re-vamp of their packaging not long ago with the release of some nice, on trend colours in truly innovative packaging. I find Mark products are of good quality and generally better than Avon ones although I like a lot of them too!
    Thank you for your critique of the brushes, I had been wondering about them but prefer the cruelty free options especially It Cosmetics they have phenomenal brushes.

  9. It’s the perfect summer glow. It makes you look fresh and the colors are just really pretty! I think the brushes are worth getting as well.

  10. I used to have to many makeup brushes. Now I’ve kind of minimized both my makeup routine and my brush collection. But reading this, I do start to miss having all those fun brushes. Having the right brush with the right makeup can make you feel spectacular.

  11. So glad to hear a truthful review. I will be using more bronzer as winter comes and love the look of these.

  12. This collection looks like it has a little bit of everything. I am not a huge bronzer fan so I would probably skip out on that.

  13. It has been awhile since I’ve used their make-up, but I have always loved the quality of their make-up. These colors, in particular, are simply gorgeous!

  14. All looks great! I’ve not tried many of Avon’s products but I do hear great things. Wish I was more into make up. I’d buy some!

  15. Wow I haven’t seen Avon products in years! Looks like they are upping their game with on trend products. Good makeup brushes make such a big difference!

  16. redheadmomblog says:

    I used buy stuff from Avon all the time, but haven’t in a while. This definitely entices me to check them out again.

  17. Every year my grandmother would gift me AVON products for the holidays. I really miss those fun gifts and need to look into this cosmetic line to purchase on my own!