New! Kiehls’ Rosa Arctica Lighweight Cream and Rosa Artica Eye!

Back in April when I visited the Flagship Kiehl’s store in New York City (read and see pics here), I was given a skin consultation and the original Rosa Arctica Youth Generating Cream was recommended for me. I never got around to writing about it because it was too rich for my combination skin and therefore I only used it a few times.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one, because in response to Kiehl’s customer requests, they have added two new additions to the line. Rosa Arctica Lightweight ($60) and Rosa Arctica Eye ($46). Both are utterly  incredible and I’ve been dying to tell you about them!

Both products feature the same rare regenerating “Resurrection Flower” found it the original Rosa Arctica Cream. This rare flower (proper name Haberlea Rhodopensis) is known to survive up to 31 months of dehydration and return to life in a few hours when moisture is restored.  This extraordinary resilient flower increases cell vitality thereby increasing the skin’s ability to appear more youthful. That blows my mind!

The Kiehl’s chemists developed the Rosa Arctica Lightweight formula specifically to improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles and sagging skin for those of us with normal to oily or combination skin types. You beauties living in hot or humid climates will love it too!

Key ingredients include:

  • Resurrection Flower – helps skin visibly look firmer and smoother
  • Vitamin E Derivative – an important antioxidant and free-radical fighter
  • Glycerin – known for its nurturing and moisturizing properties
  • Adenosine – naturally occurring in human cells, it helps reduce the signs of lines and wrinkles
  • White Birch – helps to restore the skins natural density and retain water

I am so mad about this cream I can’t imagine using anything else! The texture looks and feels much thicker than it is. When I first glimpsed into my sample jar, I honestly didn’t have high hopes–wow was I wrong! This cream almost melts into your skin leaving it feeling immediately soft and velvety. The hydration last all day and I get absolutely NO breakthrough shine midday–for that alone I rejoice!

Probably the best test of Kiehl’s Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream has been the past few weeks when I have also been testing a nighttime retinol cream. Within days of using the retinol cream my skin became dry and flaky. I switched to using the retinol every other day and used Rosa Arctica every morning and opposite nights. Rose Arctica Lightweight gave my poor dry skin the drink of water it needed and continued giving me sips throughout the day. It really has been my skin savior.

Rosa Arctica Eye is just as wonderful as the original and lightweight creams. I am equally as smitten with Rosa Arctica Eye as with the other products in the line. I adore the creamy, lightweight texture–it doesn’t feel like a cream in the least, it definitely has a balm-like feel and is deeply hydrating.

“At Kiehl’s, one of the reasons we develop new products is due to customer demand,” states Chris Salgardo, President Kiehl’s, USA. “We knew we had a powerful ingredient when we discovered the rare “Resurrection Flower.” “With the tremendous interest we had in Rosa Arctica Youth Regenerating Cream, we knew we hadn’t fully tapped into the potential of this ingredient. Right way customers were requesting the same benefits for the delicate eye area.”

Key Ingredients:

  • Resurrection Flower – helps skin visibly look firmer and smoother
  • Squalane – a moisturizing oil derived from the olive that is very easily absorbed and silky, it works to hydrate the eye area
  • White Birch – helps to restore the skins natural density and retain water resulting in a visibly smoothed eye area and reduced crepiness under the eyes
  • Lipids – a blend of carnauba, cocoa butter and shea butter lipids to help provide a strengthening effect to the skin around the eyes

Rosa Arctica Eye is the ideal eye cream to mix with concealer and that is how I’ve been using it everyday. The new bareMinerals Correcting Concealer (review coming) works perfectly for this. It spreads effortlessly and hydrates beautifully. I adore the balm-like feel and the deep hydration. What I think I like most though is that it is NOT the least bit greasy. I’ve tried a lot of eye creams and some of the most hydrating also feel oily and greasy and can actually draw attention to the eye area because it looks shiny! This cream glides on and absorbs fully leaving my eye area looking AND feeling soft, supple and hydrated all day. Because it’s not greasy or heavy I’ve only been using during the day and use the heavier Cryste Marine Firming Eye Cream at night. If you’re younger than me (and who isn’t) or are blessed with no pesky crow’s feet, Rosa Arctica Eye will do a fantastic job for you day and night.  A jar will last you for-evah! You need only the tiniest amount–truly about the size of a pin head, especially if you’re going to mix it with concealer.

Overall: These products are effective, innovative, and not over-priced hype. They are marvelous additions to the Rosa Arctica line. Whether you are over 40 or just have combination or slightly dry skin, you need these lightweight thirst quenchers for your skin!  I’m going to buy a full jar of Rosa Arcitca Lightweight Cream when my sample jar is depleted.

Prime Beauty Grade:  A+

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  1. Kiehls is an amazing line. I’m not currently using it but I was addicted to one of their moisturizers for a while since it did the best job ever on my winter skin. These sound very impressive.

  2. I have a sample of the original cream as well, and it is WAY too rich for my combination skin as well– so I use it on my neck and chest instead. This one looks perfect for combination skin. Thanks for a spectacular review, Cindy!!

  3. I’ve been using samples of the original, as well. I’m highly impressed and will be adding this product to my already growing Kiehl regimen.

  4. I am using your product . It gave good results.


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