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If you’ve been reading this blog for more than a few weeks, you are aware of my constant struggle to pump up the volume in my fine, thin hair. Kérastase has a new line of products called Couture Styling with five products that are sure to add oomph without damage. I had the opportunity to try all five and have my favorites, but first let’s get a quick rundown.

Spray_A_Porter_250x500Spray à Porter ($35) – a texture spray that creates the ultimate beach waves without the stickiness, and can also be used the style second day hair with sophisticated urban waves using a curling iron. I like to use this when I need to add some texture to my hair for certain styles. It’s also great in the summer for a quick n’ go wavy style.



Lift Vertige  Root-Uplifting Gel ($36) – A unique gel-texture that elevates the roots without a “cardboard” feel that is just right at the crown. Roof lifters are great for fine, thin hair and I feel almost as if this one was made just for me! Like the rest of this line, it is lightweight with excellent hold. I love that this is a gel rather than a sticky spray too.

2014-06-16 06.47.02 (360x480)



Forme Fatale Voluptuous Blow-Dry Gel ($35) – a blow dry gel with an extra-fine texture that perfectly shapes hair to give all over volume that lasts. Use to create a modern, classy bouffant. Created for blow drying, this stuff is Ah-mazing! It’s especially good for that natural tousled look. It makes my at-home blowout look as good as the salon! Score!

2014-06-16 06.45.22 (480x408)



Mousse Bouffante Luxurious Volumizing Mousse ($36) – a subtle formula that envelops the fiber to thicken strands for a dose of glamorous volume all over. It builds body and volume with weighing my hair down and like the hairspray, it is still flexible. I normally use it on damp hair, but I have used it on dry hair also and it works that way too.

2014-06-16 06.46.20 (480x447)



Laque Dentelle Micro Mist Fixing Hairspray Flexible Hold ($35) – a micro-fine diffusion that sets all hairstyles in place with frizz control and high shine. Works perfectly with heat tools too! I love adore this hairspray! The spray is so fine that it doesn’t disperse a lot of product just in one spot which is terrific!  It holds all day without feeling crunchy or hard and gives hair a nice shine. This is my new holy grail hairspray!!

To celebrate 50 Years of Excellence, the brand is offering consumers a 19.64% discount to commemorate their year of creation – 1964.

 Now you can try some of these fabulous products at a discount! Starting today, get 19.64% off and free shipping with any order with code K1964 at at  Sale ends 6/20 at 3am EST.
Before Kerastase

Before Kerastase

After Kerastase

After Kerastase

Bottom Line: the Kérastase Couture Styling Collection is fabulous at adding texture and volume without adding stickiness, weight or damage. If you want volume I would recommend Forme Fatale Voluptuous Blow-Dry Gel and Lift Vertige  Root-Uplifting Gel  and you HAVE to try the Laque Dentelle Hairspray, you will never want to use anything else! And did I mention that all these products smell fantastic? My co-worker asked me what perfume I was wearing and I wasn’t wearing any, so she came to my desk, sniffed and declared “It’s your hair”! 
  • Oooh I love that it gave a bit of oomph but not too huge. You hair looks amazing!!!

  • Isn’t great when products do what they say they’ll do! Your hair looks beautiful!

  • You “After” pic is AWESOME!! OK. Now I think I need to try these out for sure! Especially the mousse!

  • I hear you on the struggle! Keratese is definitely something I want to check out!

  • Love how it really helped lift and shape your hair to have a defined style!

  • The mousse sounds great for volume

  • Your hair looks so nice with these products!

  • OMG! I love it – your hair looks absolutely fab! <3

  • Jess Scull

    Beautiful!!! Looks awesome!

  • All of these products sound wonderful. I don’t know which one to try first!

  • I love the after pic – this looks great and sounds awesome.

  • Your hair looks nice!

  • Looks like you got your hair ‘did’ at a salon. Really great look, and I love it when a hair product smells good – I mean, I’m going to be wearing it all day, I don’t want to smell like chemicals!

  • Mamavalveeta03

    Fantastic looking hair, Cindy! And a SALE? On Kerastase? Cool!

  • Your “after” photo is like a magazine ad! Fabulous!

  • Your hair looks really pretty! I haven´t used any Kerastase products, but I think I should give them a try.

  • Your after picture is amazing. Looks like you’ve found the perfect products!

  • I love this range. It’s incredible!

  • I’m liking the natural “oomph” these products give your hair, it looks really nice!

  • I am a huge fan of Kerastase products!

  • Ooh, your hair looks fantastic!

  • you look fantastic!

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