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Jen from Raging Rouge came up with this picture to comply with the new FTC disclosure policy–love that girl!

Sorry about this beauties, but we have to talk about boring stuff for a bit. You see, the FTC has issued new some regulations on disclosure. Not for magazine and their online versions though. How fair is that? Don’t get me wrong, I have and ALWAYS will disclosed to you when I receive a press sample or when I partake in a sponsored post, I don’t mind that at all–it’s just being honest. What I have a problem with is why the FTC does not hold traditional media to the same standard.

Previously my disclosure was in a ‘tag’ at the bottom of the post. Now, the FTC is requiring bloggers to disclose how they acquired a product at the top of the post, in the content of the post AND at the bottom of the post. Apparently they think you, as readers, need to be pounded over the head with this because you won’t get it otherwise. Apparently there is a fear that you’ll be  buy a product without knowing that I may have received it gratis from the brand. I always give you my HONEST opinion of every product I review. Some things work for me, some don’t. Here is just one example of a not-so-great review even though I received the products free from PR. I take my job as a blogger seriously and your trust is precious to me. My goal is to bring you honest reviews. You may see more positive reviews on Prime Beauty than negative and that is because if a product doesn’t live up to it’s claims or performs badly, it may not make it to the blog. What would be the point?

The same hit you over the head disclosure policy applies to affiliate links. An affiliate link provides Prime Beauty with a commission when you click and purchase from that link. It’s just like a retail associate that works on commission. Believe me we are talking pennies here. I will never get rich or be able to quit to my job from income earned from this blog! You have to be very naive if you think that magazines don’t get PAID by the brand to recommend specific products or out them on their ‘best of” lists. Honestly, how can the same mascara win awards on ALL the magazines year after year? And yet, the magazines have no obligation to disclose they were paid.

Anyway, if you see more disclosure statements on the blog, the new FTC regulations is why. I will try to make these statements as unobtrusive as possible. I know you don’t want to read that every product is wonderful–that’s not honest or even possible! Please know I have and will continue to bring you my honest opinions because I value your trust. I promise. Read my full disclosure policy here.

For more information, read this post from the awesome blogger and lawyer, Carleen from Beauty And Fashion Tech.

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  1. But…if a product doesn’t live up to its claims or performs badly, that’s the kind of information that I’d like to see – along with how it performed badly, and/or how it didn’t live up to its claims. How something doesn’t work for someone is just as important, to me, as how something did work for someone.