New! Caress Fresh Collection Body Washes!

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Caress has a brand new Fresh Collection that includes three new fragrances. I’m really loving the theme of the Caress Fresh campaign; it’s all about feeling fabulous every day, putting a fresh new spin on everyday things and finding fresh inspiration. For example, try a new lipstick shade, learn something new, don’t be afraid to experience something out of your comfort zone. Spring signifies new birth and is an ideal time to try something new!

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Caress also announced their newest Fabulista; the former Destiny’s Child member, former X Factor judge and the beautiful and talented Kelly Rowland! She is the face for their fresh fine fragrance body wash and beauty bars. Talk about taking risks and doing something different, Kelly has conquered so many challenges in her career, she is a wonderful role model.


The new Caress Fresh Collection boasts three new fragrances:

Emerald Rush Body Wash and Beauty Bar – infused with Lush Gardenia and White Tea Essence, this is an intoxicating mix of gardenia and citrus.

Aqua Sparkle Body Wash – infused with lilac blossom an aquamarine essence, Aqua Sparkle mixes florals with sparkling fruity notes. For me, this scent has a calming effect so I like to use it before bed.

Juicy Escape Body Body Wash – infused with sun kissed lily and pink grapefruit this is so fresh and invigorating! Probably my favorite scent of the three, the pink grapefruit is refreshing and rejuvenating first thing in the morning.

These body washes provide plenty of lush lather and delicious scents. The new Caress Fresh Collection was developed by experts at the top fragrance houses of Givuadan  and Firmenich, giving each scent multi-layered notes and a fine fragrance touch.


So dare to be different and enjoy everyday experiences in a fresh, new way! 

Emerald Rush is Kelly Rowland’s favorite Caress Fresh Body Wash, what’s yours? Let everyone know on twitter using hashtag #CaressMe

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  1. I have always loved Caress. I got my sister hooked years ago to the stuff! 😀

  2. I haven’t tried these yet, but I love Caress body wash! I really love it as a shaving lotion best. All three scents sound nice, but I gravitate towards a bright citrus scent!

  3. Must find and sniff these. They would be lovely this Summer when it is hot, humid and miserable. 🙂

  4. I need to find these. It’s been a few months since I’ve used Caress or even looked at their display – but I did like what they had last year so I need to check it out 😉

  5. The juicy escape sounds great!

  6. All of these scents sound amazing.

  7. Juicy Escape sounds like a nice fragrance 🙂

  8. These sound heavenly. I need to get my hands on Juicy Escape. Sounds amazing!!!

  9. I have always loved their stuff and their scents!

  10. Loving the sound of all these scents!

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  12. I love Caress soap, but oddly enough haven’t tried a bodywash yet.

  13. Jess Scull says:

    These all sound heavenly!

  14. These all sounds amazing!! Emerald Rush is my fav from the description though

  15. Caress Body Washes always smell so amazing! Emerald Rush is divine!

  16. These look fun!

  17. Kelly looks fab and so does this collection!

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