New! butter LONDON Bespoke Colour Cosmetics Collection Review!

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Just a few days ago, butter LONDON launched it’s new Rock Your Color colour cosmetics line in Ulta stores. The collection was supposed to launch on August 1st, but my Ulta didn’t get it until this last Sunday. I not only wanted to try several of the items, but Ulta was running a gift with purchase for a full size Chancer nail lacquer with a $25 purchase. Chancer is a stunning deep red crushed glitter. According to butter LONDON “when you are feeling particularly out of his league. He doesn’t deserve you anyway.”

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Anywho, my Ulta was running this promotion but when I went into the store, there was no butter LONDON colour collection to be found. When I inquired, the sales associate said it wasn’t on display yet. I explained that the gift with purchase was in their flyer so the SA spoke to her manager and they brought out the entire box of BL product. Very nice of them, but I worked in retail management for 20 years and when there is a sale, you’d better have the product out on the shelves.

The collection has a lot of brights but after digging through a box of everything jumbled together and no testers, I did find a few more subdued shades. I decided to try two of the four shades of CHEEKY Cream Blush ($20). The shades are:

  • Naughty Biscuit, a rosy nude
  • Honey Pie, a peachy coral
  • Abby Rose, a a rose pink 
  • Pistol Pink, a fuchsia pink

Packaging is the typical charming butter LONDON box and a shiny black compact with full mirror. There is no brush included, but with cream blushes I usually use my fingers anyway.

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I chose Naughty Biscuit and Honey Pie, both are creamy without being sticky and blend nicely. I’m always drawn to a peach or coral blush and Honey Pie does not disappoint. It leans more to the peach than coral side and brings a nice flush to the cheeks.

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Naughty Biscuit is a nude rose that looks extremely fresh and natural. It’s similar to BECCA Turkish Rose which is a Prime Beauty All-Star. A true neutral, this shade will flatter all skin tones.

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Naughty Biscuit and Honey Pie

Naughty Biscuit and Honey Pie

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Both shades impart a pretty dewy finish. I did notice the blush does need to be “warmed up” a bit by swirling in the pot for a couple of seconds. The pigment is very good–much better than it looks in the pot and the lasting power is awesome!

Here is the rest of the collection:


Not all the colors in the Lippy Tinted Balm ($20) had arrived but I did get to see Toasted Marshmallow, Abby Rose and Black Cherry and they all look great. I’ll go back when the testers are out.

  • Toasted Marshmallow – Medium coverage nude crème. Around the bonfire with a rockin’ 4-piece band
  • Axis Kiss – Medium coverage punchy pink crème. A little smooch of rock n’ roll
  • Apricot Sunray – Medium coverage coral crème. Command the room in this fruity hue
  • Abby Rose – Medium coverage rose crème. A nod to the birthplace of many rock n’ roll classics
  • Strawberry Field – Medium coverage wine crème. Add a little edge to innocence
  • Black Cherry – Medium coverage red crème. Livin’ is easy with a red pout



Wink Cream Eye Shadow ($18) Shades are:

  • Alabaster Gaze – silver shimmer
  • Sun Kiss – muted gold shimmer
  • Jaded Jack – grass green shimmer
  • Pistol Pink – rose pink shimmer
  • Inky Six – baby blue shimmer
  • Indigo Punk – lavender shimmer

Again, Ulta didn’t have all shades in the store–I got to see Jaded Jack, Pistol Pink, Inky Six and Indigo Punk. I tested Pistol Pink and Indigo Punk on my arm and they seemed very thin and watery to me and didn’t really “set.” Based on that I don’t think I would purchase them.



Wink Mascara ($20) shades are:

  • Union Jack Black – Jet black crème. The United Kingdom’s flag
  • Pistol Pink – Magenta pink shimmer. Shout out to two of our favourite bands
  • Jaded Jack – Lime green crème. Unsung British rock hero
  • Inky Six – Cornflower blue shimmer. Real musicians do it on a six-string
  • Indigo Punk – Violet shimmer. Deep purple anything – a punk rock obsession.
  • Brown Sugar – Chocolate brown crème. A fierce blues-rock riff

Colored mascara can make your eyes pop and it doesn’t have to scream at you. I have worn blue an burgendy and it can be very flattering. Wink mascara may be worth a try, especially Inky Six, Indigo Punk and Brown Sugar.



Wink Eye Pencils ($20)  

  • Indigo Punk – Violet shimmer. Deep purple anything – a punk rock obsession
  • Inky Six – Cornflower blue shimmer. Real musicians do it on a six-string
  • Jack Jaded – Lime green crème. Unsung British rock hero
  • Brown Sugar – Chocolate brown crème. A fierce blues-rock riff
  • Union Jack Black – Jet black crème. The United Kingdom’s flag
  • Pistol Pink – Magenta pink shimmer. Shout out to two of our favourite bands

Ulta only had Brown Sugar and Pistol Pink in stock: one too subdued and the other too far out of my comfort zone. I would love test Indigo Punk and Inky Six!

And for the Grand Finalé….drum roll…..the newest Nail Lacquers!


Photo Credit: the Zoe report

Nail Lacquers (15) – 

  • Inky Six – medium coverage deep blue glitter (looks amazing!)
  • Jaded Jack – opaque lime green cream
  • Pistol Pink – opaque magenta pink shimmer
  • Indigo Punk -full coverage indigo-purple glitter
  • Brown Sugar – opaque copper shimmer with gold glitter –sounds fabulous!
  • Union Jack Black – opaque glossy jet black cream

Bottom Line: don’t let the bright colors fool you, there is plenty to love for us quieter folks. I’m quite impressed with the CHEEKY Cream Blushes and I would like to try a few shades the LIPPY balms and the Wink eye pencils. I have no use for the colored mascara and wasn’t impressed with the cream eye shadows, but overall there is a lot to love in this collection and the quality is present in the line. Go forth and be BOLD!

I would love to know if any of you have tried anything from the collection and what your thoughts are. Maybe your Ulta isn’t as lame as mine.