Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Sticks: Review, Pics, Swatches



Finding Neutrogena’s MoistureSmooth Color Sticks ($8.49) at the drugstore is like finding a diamond in a cup of sugar. Not that this has actually happened to me, but a girl can dream can’t she?  To find such a rare gem at the drugstore is an unexpected delight!  Seriously beauties, the quality of these babies rivals that of Clinique’s Chubby Sticks and Tarte’s LipSurgence which cost two to three times the price!

Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Sticks are all about hydration and shine! They are extremely lightweight, comfortable to wear, chock full of moisture, non-sticky and impart a shine that lasts for about three hours. Formulated with fruit extracts and mango and shea butters, these lip pencils are supposed to “instantly moisturize lips, while continuously conditioning them so they are softer and smoother in just 3 days with nothing on them.”  I don’t feel that my lips are moisturized when I’m not wearing Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Sticks, but they sure are when I am! And….good news for us over 40 ladies, they do NOT highlight lip lines or dryness.

Available in eight succulent shades:

  • Juicy Peach
  • Fresh Papaya
  • Sweet Watermelon
  • Bright Berry
  • Warm Caramel
  • Soft Raspberry
  • Plum Perfect
  • Rich Raisin 


I purchased the three lightest shades: Juicy Peach, a pale peach with an ever-so-slight sheen, Fresh Papaya, a peachy pink coral with the same sheen and Sweet Watermelon, a pale cool pink with barely-there frost. They all have an opaque, glossy finish on the lips. On more pigmented lips, these colors might look too similar, but on my pale lips you can definitely see the difference. That being said, I do want to pick up some of the darker shades, especially Bright Berry, Warm Caramel and Plum Perfect–well heck that’s just about all of them!

 L to R below: Sweet Watermelon, Juicy Peach & Fresh Papaya

Neutrogena Swatches 1


Neutrogena Color Sticks


Packaging is great; the clear lids make it easy to see the shades and they are twist-up so no need to sharpen. They have a smooth balm-like texture and a juicy, fruity scent I love (no worries, it fades soon)! The color stays true without fading or migrating and the pigment is good–better than a tinted balm and less than a true lipstick.

Bottom Line: a fabulous drugstore findNeutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Sticks are moisture-rich, easy to wear with great pigment and a lovely finish. A great choice for the over 40 woman! I love these so much they live in the makeup bag in my purse so I have them on hand ALL the time!  Neutrogena, please make more shades!!!!

Prime Beauty Grade: A

P.S.–these are often on sale for BOGOHO (buy one get one half off) making them a little over $6 a piece, an even better buy!!!



  • Ohh I haven’t seen these yet! I’m going to be looking for them now though!

  • I can’t say it enough.. Neutrogena needs to be in my local stores, stat! These look lovely!

  • I enjoy these type of lip products, I need these 3 shades!

  • I loved the 3 shades you swatted. I’ve eyed these many times at the drugstore, but like you said, they look similar to Tarte’s lip crayon which dries my lips out something awful. I’ve gotta check the ingredient list and see if it contains the dreaded peppermint oil that’s the culprit for me 😉

  • I like your color choices!

  • These colors look so romantic, I love all three 🙂

  • Love the peachy shade!

  • These are sooo beautiful, I love products like this!

  • These sound lovely. I love the crayon type lip products, they are great to throw in your handbag.

  • I have one of these and they go on soooo smooooothly!!!

  • I love the colors but not the fragrance of these.

    • Mamavalveeta03

      For which I was very thankful! Wink wink!

  • These have grown on me. I like to keep them in my purse to pop them on when I need moisture and a bit of color!

  • I love these types of lip pencils/crayons … so easy to apply and they’re more chic than a lipstick or gloss

  • I am loving all three but Fresh papaya is so pretty!

  • I’ve heard/read nice things about these color sticks. I’ll be checking these out when I go to Target tomorrow

  • These look beautiful – I’m going to be on the hunt for them tomorrow.

  • I love lippies, and especially these kind of chubby sticks. Sounds like something I need to try! Plum Perfect sounds… perfect!

  • I love these lip crayons! They feel so comfortable and such nice shades, too! 🙂

  • I have a few of these and they are really great!

  • I have not tried these yet. I will have one by days end, I am getting ready to go to store today!!!! I also would like to invite you to participate in my Funday Friday Comments Tag on my blog I have started doing this on Fridays to help me get to know my readers/subscribers and fellow bloggers better while everyone will get to know me better as well. My comments are not restricted and you are welcome to share any links back to your blog on there. This tag on my blog does not have an end date, so you are never to late to participate.

  • Nice shades and it is great that you don´t have to sharpen them.

  • those colors are great for spring!

  • Oh those are really pretty!

  • My first Neutrogena product was a palette of blush, a gift from my sister. I was not a fan of makeup and cosmetics back then because I have sensitive skin and the first makeup application I had was a disaster. I got pimples and acne breakouts for the first time. When I had my Neutrogena blush I had to use it since it was a gift from my precious sister. It was amazingly good to my skin and it gave off a healthy glow and I think it even cleared up my skin. Now for this lipstick if Neutrogena says it’s good then it is great! I’ll definitely switch to this one.

  • They are so pretty ! I have a ton of them and they are my favs

  • Lisa M.

    I really like these color sticks. I received the Bright Berry in the Allure beauty box. I was very pleased with how well it wears and the shade. It doesn’t dry out my lips. The color lasts several hours and fades to a soft stain. I am pleased to find a drugstore lippy that works for me. I found a three pack at Sams for $15.98. Yay!

  • Krista

    I just bought the Juicy Peach of these, and I have to say while I love how they feel and smell, there is WAYYYYY too much glitter. I love the color for my skin tone, but the extra glitter just isn’t appropriate for my 9-5 🙁 Does anyone know if they changed the formula recently?

    • Mine doesn’t have ANY glitter!