Moroccan Hammam Kit Plus a Giveaway!!

Gift Set   Press Sample   When the weather heats up the clothes come off…well not ALL the clothes! I am SO ready to ditch my boots for flip-flops, my pants for shorts and my sweaters for tee-shirts! That said, I want to make sure my winter skin is ready to see the sunlight again so I’m turning to the Moroccan Hammam Treatment Set ($39) to pamper me and get me glowing! Morocco is known for its hammams (what we call spas), where you can enjoy all its skincare benefits in a relaxing environment that combines sauna and spa. The whole process is extremely invigorating and in addition to toning and firming your skin, it gives you a feeling of being fresher than ever.  To make the most of your hammam session, you must allow yourself several “privilege” hours where calm and relaxation is at the rendezvous. The Moroccan Hammam Treatment Set is designed to detox, relax and pamper yourself. Make an appointment with yourself and above all, do not do anything stressful after the hammam session. The goal is to spend a day of relaxation and only think about you. This at-home hammam provides a sense of  well being at the level of the body and the spirit. Moroccan Hammam Set This four piece kit contains Moroccan Hammam black soap, a kessa glove, rassoul jar of mud and a spray argan oil.  It sounds a bit strange and well…it kind of is! Strange but effective! For my at-home spa day (read as a few hours) I arrived on time at the spa ( my bathroom). Actually I had TWO spas days as I wanted to try the two different treatments. hammam_infographic Step #1  Black Soap treatment: Black Soap   Kessa Glove Allow the heat and the steam of the shower to soak into your skin and then apply the black soap all over your body and leave on for 15 minutes. It is really more of a balm than a soap–it does not lather and it feels a bit like a lighter version of vaseline.  I couldn’t last 15 minutes and only left it on for about five. I seriously wondered how this was going to help exfoliate my skin when it has no beads or scrubbies in it. Aha! That’s what the fabulous kessa glove is for! Rinse the black soap and then scrub with the kessa glove–this is no wimpy exfoliation beauties–this glove means business!! I was thoroughly amazed at what it could accomplish!! My dry dead skin was flaking off into the glove–I could actually see it! Just beware this glove packs some significant exfoliation so don’t over do it or use it on your face. After this treatment your skin will feel as soft as a rose petal, no lie. In fact, one of the girls in the office recently received roses so I can say unequivocally my skin felt like a rose petal. So there. You can stop there or continue on with your spa day. Step #2 Rassoul Mud Mask After the miracle of the black soap and the scrubbing with kessa glove, check out the rassoul treatment which has astringent, degreasing, absorbent and softening properties. It can be used both on the hair as shampoo and as a mask for hair. The rassoul mud restores the production of sebum from the face and treats oily hair. Thanks to its blotting action, it is suitable for all types of skins and gives a silky effect to the toughest hair. I have to say, rubbing this super thick, strong eucalyptus smelling mud all over my body was not my favorite relaxing thing to do on my spa day. However, it was SO worth it! I only did my legs, arms and chest but if you did your stomach and back too plus your hair, the jar would probably only be good for two treatments. When I say rassoul is thick, I am not kidding–it was hard to get an even application because it is SO thick and gloppy. I did the best I could and again only waited five minutes instead of the recommended 15.  After rinsing 0ff the rassoul I again used the kessa glove to exfoliate (remember this was not the same day as the black soap treatment). I was genuinely amazed at how deep down clean and refreshed I felt! Though both these treatments leave skin feeling soft and smooth, they are very different experiences. The black soap is soothing and hydrating, while the rassoul is more cleansing and invigorating. The rassoul was hard to spread and extremely thick, but I could feel immediate results.  The black soap didn’t especially feel like it was doing anything, but my skin was very hydrated and soft. I am completely satisfied with these treatments even though I didn’t use them for the recommended amount of time. My results may have been even better! Step #3 Argan Oil moroccan-hammam-spa-kit-with-argan-oil-L-zYIBUv Now it’s time to treat yourself with the argan oil treatment.  Used at the traditional hammam for generations, the application of argan oil is the reward following the black soap treatment, the scrubbing with the kessa glove and the rassoul exfoliation. Also named Morocco liquid gold, this Argan Oil  is a 100% organic.  Argan oil has a wealth of unparalleled vitamin E particularly recommended for dry skin as moisturizer or as a powerful natural anti-aging. I love that this is packaged in a spray bottle–it makes it so convenient to apply! Bottom Line: bring the Moroccan Hammam experience home with you with this awesome kit. A t only $39, it’s a great bargain and your skin will thank this exotic tradition! The nice people at Moroccan Hammam Natural Beauty have offered one Prime Beauty reader their own kit! Must be over 18 and a resident of the US.  To enter just follow the directions on the Rafflecopter widget below. The contest runs from 5/14/14 to 5/21/14 at midnight PST. Good luck and good skin!

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