Loving My May Ipsy Bag!

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Purchased by me


Finally after three months an Ispy bag I can get excited about!! I’m sorry Ipsy, it’s not you, it’s me. I have become VERY picky when it comes to makeup sample subscriptions. It takes a lot to get me excited about samples these days, but you’ve done it!  The others brands haven’t gotten my blood pumping like this. I got much more than $10 worth and I actually like all the products, PLUS the bag itself is the cutest yet. The bright chevron pattern is fun and the colors are summery. These bags are not the greatest quality, but hey the bag and everything in it is only $10 so it’s a steal. I debated about even posting this review because I have seen so many on the May bag already, but I couldn’t wait to show it to you!  This month’s theme is Spring Fling and there are no skincare or hair care samples that will end up living in a drawer, woot, woot!  Personally, I feel these products are more summery than spring but whatevs. You can check out the review of last month’s bag here.


Let’s take a looks inside!

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First up is a full size Pacifica Coconut Crushed Pearl Luminizing Body Butter ($7). This is made with shea butter, almond and safflower oils and is great for adding moisture back to your dry skin. Pacifica’s Body Butter uses signature fragrance blends with essential and natural oils. Paraben-free 100% vegan and gluten-free. I love the smell of coconut–this comes on pretty strong but fades quickly enough so it isn’t overwhelming. There is very subtle shimmer that I think will look great on summer date nights (not that I have any). I’ve always loved Pacifica products so this was a nice treat for me.


Full Size Pacifica Perfume Roll-On in Island Vanilla ($12) –  Inspired by the unique magic of Tahitian vanilla, this sensual blend sets sweet and sultry vanilla absolute, with honey-jasmine notes and a touch of fruitiness, against a deep and beautiful base of tea. A Portion of proceeds from all Island Vanilla sales goes to the Ocean Futures Society, a nonprofit marine conservation organization. 100% vegan. I love roller balls–they are so convenient to throw in your bag or keep in your desk drawer at work. Island Vanilla is not cloying like some vanilla scents can be–it has just the right amount of potency to be warm and soothing yet still fresh. If you are a fan of vanilla scents, you must try this!


Full sized Zoya (love this brand) nail polish in Blu ($8) – I just adore Zoya nail polishes. They wear like iron! I can type all day and a Zoya manicure will last me 2 weeks with no chips easy! This shade is a very pale blue–nothing exciting but I think it could look elegant and will be great for layering a glitter polish on top.


Full Size Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss in Pink ($15) – Sesame seed oil to heal and a combination of antioxidant-rich berries, minerals and sweet agave to nourish. The pink color is rather sheer with a shiny, subtle shimmer finish. I wouldn’t say it’s an original color but I really like the feel of this gloss–it’s not sticky which I HATE and it smells really great too! Another full size product–be still my fluttering heart!!




Full Size Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Intergalactic ($20) – Love this shade! It’s a lavender/purple full of silver sparkle! I won’t wear this during the day but it will look great at night. This shadow is fabulous wet or dry with a nice smooth texture and no fallout!!!  Honestly, this is SO sparkly I don’t know that I would buy another but I do really love this shade. Apparently this was a bonus in this month’s bag–yipee! P.S.-sorry for the out of focus pic but that’s the only way I could show you the sparkle!

yaby Concealer ($?) – okay, I admit I threw this out–for realz. I will never find this nano-sized pan in the jungle of my makeup collection and I wasn’t overly impressed with the yaby eyeshadows. See? I told you I’m picky!!

Overall: A fantastic value–$62 worth of products for $10 and FOUR of them full size! I will use almost everything (sorry yaby) and these are high-quality, current products.  May’s Ipsy bag has me hangin’ on to my subscription and looking forward to next month! If you choose to sign for Ipsy, please use my link here so I will get credit and I will love your forevah! You know I already do, but whatever, just do it for me, m’kay?


Purchased by me
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  1. Oh yeah, I can see why you’re so enthusiastic about this, what a great content!

  2. Sheila (Painted Ladies) says:

    Wow!!! I’m so impressed – I think I’m going to have to take the Ipsy plunge!

  3. You got a ton in your bag. I will put my Yaby concealer into a giveaway box but it’s too small to use. This was my first “official” bag and I’m happy with it. Definitely worth the $10.

  4. Does the ipsy bag only offer cruelty-free brands? I see some cruelty free products in there but I’m not aware if they are all cruelty free.

  5. I’m really picky with samples too. Glad to hear this one didn’t have any skincare. The urban decay and zoya are such a steal!

  6. Thank you for posting this review! I have been on the fence about which service to subscribe to. For $10 with “samples” of this caliber, I think this is the one. Is it a year long subscription?

  7. Hello, I got on their wait list for the monthly bag after reading you post. I believe you can cancel anytime for the monthly bag, but if you sign up for the 12 mos plan there is no cancellation.