Marie Louise Cosmetics – Old World Glamour Meets New World Technology

As you have probably already surmised, I’m a girly girl. You won’t find me running a marathon, climbing a mountain or backpacking (unless it’s in a large mall). I like the finer things in life–a good cocktail, a good book, a good beach, a good spa day. Marie Louise Cosmetics understands me and you too. We women like to be pampered and Marie Louise cosmetics does just that.

The back story is interesting as well, no big corporation here. There really was a Marie Louise, the founder of the company.  She was educated at a Parisian beauty academy and later went on to be a fashion and beauty consultant for Japanese royalty.  Here innovative formulas–introducing the technology of emulsificatio; to combine both oil and water into one product, earned her the moniker “The Mother of Modern Beauty,” nearly 100 years ago.  The company has continued to use the newest technology to create quality skin care for women around the world. Marie Louise is fairly new to the United States market and Japanese skin care brands are becoming very popular here too.

I tried the Crème α-VC (Facial Moisturizer), a rich, thick luxurious face cream.  

A rich blend of esthetic elements including alpha-arbutin and stable Vitamin C derivatives, Crème α-VC is a quick solution for your dry complexion. Enhanced by highly refined vitamins, this cream yields superior moisturizing results, and it envelops skin’s surface with a veil of moisture leading to plumper, firmer skin. When used with Moistraiser α-VC, Crème α-VC allows the skin’s natural vitality to be enriched, and when utilized as a facial masque, its intense penetration leads to younger, more radiant-looking skin.

Gush Alert: This is so rich and thick I was convinced it would not work for me. More often than not, a cream this thick is not only heavy, but ‘stands’ on my skin and gives me the dreaded oil slick look. I was truly amazed at how the Creme a-VC cream did NOT do that. It absorbed quickly and fully making my dry winter skin radiant and youthful. Within two days I saw a suppleness I haven’t experienced with any other product. I have come to rely on Marie Louise Crème α-VC, especially after using the microneedling roller to give me immediate hydration.

The cream is so lavish I almost feel decadent using it! It has a whipped texture that is both light and emollient. I appreciate the fact that it is fragrance free, some cosmetics have such a pronounced fragrance I can’t wear them. Another nice feature is the packaging–a pretty jar with a spatula–no messy fingers! Mostly though, I like what it does for my skin–gives much needed hydration during these cold and dry winter months and brings a radiant glow to my face. I got my hair cut on Saturday and my stylist said I looked great and then went on to remark–“your skin looks fabulous!” Sold!

If you have dry skin due to getting older or just seasonally, Marie Louise Crème α-VC will have you looking young and vibrant in days. All Marie Louise skin care products are double-emulsified, which creates smaller molecules that can penetrate skin more deeply. It’s perfect for us over 40 women. Luxury and incredible looking skin does come at a price, beauties–a jar of Marie Louise Crème α-VC will set you back $109. However, there are a few ways to save:

Right now there is a special running for 40% off the Squeaky Clean set which includes Cleansing Clear Gel and Washing Foam. The entire Marie Louise product line is on sale for $300 instead of the regular priced $458.

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Marie Louise Cosmetics are animal-free and cruelty-free and can be found at  and a few fine salons and spas.