Marcia’s Manicures – OPI’s Grape…Set…Match


“Dusty” is a term I’ve read about on beauty boards related to nails. The writers talk about going to an out of the way store or salon and finding nail polish treasures for less money. They call these places “dusties”, I’m assuming because the stores have these hidden away so they aren’t the cleanest bottles. I went to a “dusty” beauty supply store one day looking for a few things and came across a gorgeous OPI polish called Grape…Set…Match. It’s from a 2011 collection in collaboration with Serena Williams of tennis fame. It was released with another polish, Servin’ Up Sparkle, and possibly sold together but my dusty store had them marked down and sold separately.

This is a find and worth the time to look for if you are a purple lover. I love shimmery polishes and this shimmers and shines with the best. It’s a reddish purple that is incredibly shiny with a top coat(I like Out the Door). I see tiny glitter in it in shades of blue, red and fuchsia.

The brush on the polish is OPI’s Pro Wide Brush and it makes the polish just flow on. I used two coats and had a tiny bit of visible nail line so a third might have worked better but wasn’t necessary. OPI has changed to a 4-Free formula which excludes camphor in their polish. The manicure lasted a full week without wear and tear. I didn’t want to take it off but a beauty blogger must do difficult things like move on to the next polish for the sake of our readers. (Pity party time!!)

Go check out your favorite dusty store to see what older treasures you can find or check on Amazon or eBay since I saw them online in both places.

That’s it for this episode of Marcia’s Manicures. If you just can’t get enough of my gorgeous (she says sarcastically) nails please check out Beauty Info Zone for the treasures I post there too.