Marcia’s Manicures – Maybelline’s Color Show Nail Lacquer in Styled Out!

Wanna know a secret about my good friend and fellow blogger Marcia from Beauty Info Zone? It’s okay she won’t mind if I tell you this one–Marcia is a nail polish addict!! I know, not much of a secret is it?  Since Marcia has a LOT more knowledge and is much more discriminating about nail polish than I, she has graciously agreed to do a series for Prime Beauty called Marcia’s Manicures! First up, Maybelline’s Color Show Nail Lacquer.

Here’s what I don’t do:

1)    1.  Drink

2)    2.  Smoke

3)    3.  Live at Starbucks

 Here’s what I do do:

1)   1.   Buy cosmetics

2)   2.   Buy nail polish

I am a sucker for nail polish which is what let me to Maybelline’s new Color Show Nail Lacquer. I saw the print ads for those and I was sold. I had to go shopping. I found mine at CVS for $4.19 and only picked up one (big mistake since I’ll be going back). I picked Styled Out, part of their denim collection.

Before I tell you about the polish, you need to check out their amazing website. They’ve taken the best of sites like Pinterest and created looks for each color as well as coordinating polish. It’s one of the best uses of the internet by a cosmetic company that I’ve seen.

Styled Out is also one of the best nail polishes I’ve tried. I’m extremely impressed with this polish. The brush is perfect in the way it deposits the color. The color glides on beautifully. It was almost opaque in one coat and perfect in two coats. I followed up with Out The Door top coat (from Sally’s Beauty) and my nails looked terrific. I’m a blue jean woman, I wear them 90% of the time, and this shade matched my favorite jeans perfectly. The deep denim has a pretty silver shimmer to it giving it beautiful interest. Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquers come in 40 shades and a variety of finishes. I’ve read that there are metallics, denim, and shredded textures (aka crackle) and I’m guessing there are creams among these too. This lasted me for one week with only a little tipwear, that’s pretty impressive.

These are definitely worth checking out. They make a great frugal find at approximately $4 each. I’ll be back with more of these to show you since I’m that impressed!

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  1. Lucky you, I bought more so I’ll be back!!!! (Arnold told me to say that)

  2. This is FANTASTIC!!! Love the color, love the nails and am really looking forward to the series!


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