Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye-Con No. 7 The Starlet Eyeshadow Palette: Review, Pics and Swatches


Purchased by me


Marc Jacobs is a wonderfully innovative and creative fashion designer. He has so much imagination! I love his fashions, bags, jewelry and these darling Marc Jacobs mouse flats–how cute are they?

marc-jacobs--alliray-A new major beauty brand always gets my heart racing,  but I was really verklempt when I saw that Marc Jacobs had a beauty line launching. Eventually the brand will include everything you need for a complete look;  foundations, eyeshadows, concealer, mascaras, lip glosses and more. Currently, a small selection of products are being sold exclusively at Sephora and– I think it’s great that the “masses”  have such great accessibility to an upscale designer line. I live in a small town and we just got a full size (as opposed to the mini “inside JCPenney”) Sephora so I’m thrilled I can see, touch and swatch the brand.

Since eye shadow is my makeup drug of choice, I chose one of the Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con No.7 Plush Shadow palettes as my first foray into the brand. Still, I wondered, is he just going to lend his name like so many designers do with fragrances? Or is THE Marc Jacobs really going to have some influence on the line?  Here is the answer and a prime example:


I would like our palette to have a real “wow” factor . I think 7 is the right number! Plenty of variety and still a concise picture, if everyone does 5 or 6 shades, let’s make ours 7!—Marc Jacobs

GUSH Alert!

I chose Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con No. 7 / The Starlet Eyeshadow Palette ($59) for the wide variety of classic shades as well as “fashion” colors. All the shades are shimmery, but this, my beauties, is sophisticated shimmer. Some may say these shades are not that unique and rightly so. However,  I adore the texture, finish and effortless application. The texture would please even Goldilocks; creamy, buttery smooth, not too hard so you have to dig it out of the pan, and not too powdery so it kicks up dust. The pigmentation is incredible and when applied with a damp brush, all the shades take on a lustrous metallic shine.

The shades are from left to right:

The Starlet 204:  shimmery muted lilac, shimmery champagne pink, shimmery dark copper brown, metallic bright copper, metallic gold, metallic silver, metallic gray. There’s not a bad one in the bunch which is actually quite unusual. Even the Dior quints tend to have one shade I don’t use.  Marc Jacobs made all of these eyeshadows highly wearable and universally flattering.

2013-08-26 07.35.22 (480x304)


Left from right in the pan:

  • Shimmery lilac/taupe – a beautiful everyday shade that will flatter all eye colors and skin tones
  • Shimmery warm champagne pink – a pretty wash shade
  • Shimmery warm dark brown with plum undertones
  • Shimmery bright copper–this is a beautiful shade that makes blue or green eyes pop!
  • Metallic gold/green–very bright and can be made more intense using it wet. I would say is the “edgy/rocker” shade in the palette. I love the complexity of it
  • Metallic silver with distinct blue undertones. If you want a true silver, this is not it. It immediately turned blue on my fair skin, but still gorgeous
  • Metallic gunmetal gray –  a medium metallic gray


2013-08-26 07.33.29 (480x360)


2013-08-26 07.33.38 (480x360)


2013-08-26 07.33.53 (480x360)

The last three shades are highly reflective and seem more intense that the rest of the palette. All three would be fabulous for the holiday season!

2013-08-27 05.11.07 (480x360)

2013-08-27 05.13.25 (480x360)

The packaging is sleek and modern. Ultra-slim, the palette can fit easily into a makeup or bag. The palette comes with a nylon outer sleeve–nice touch!  I love the slip cover over the shadows–no dirt or grime to contaminate the shadows. There is also a full sized mirror and a clever silver push button mechanism. I should mention the palette comes with a cheap foam applicator that is a throw away. I would appreciate a nice brush even if it’s small, maybe something like BareMinerals provides in their palettes. Overall, the packaging is elegant with a minimalist feel.

2013-08-26 07.31.41 (480x360)


2013-08-26 07.30.29 (480x301)

2013-08-27 05.08.28 (480x360)

There are four colorways in this palette; The Lolita, The Vamp, The Tease and The Starlet. The Starlet appeals most to me but I may pick up Lolita even though I need another neutral/nude eyeshadow palette like a need a third boob, I love the texture and quality so much! 

The Lolita 206: matte off-white cream, matte nude, matte dark coffee brown, metallic warm pink with iridescent glitter, iridescent champagne pink sheen, light peach sheen, rosy copper sheen.


The Vamp 208: midnight blue with iridescent shimmer, silver taupe sheen, matte off-white, metallic burgundy, metallic jade green, metallic golden brown, black with iridescent shimmer.


The Tease 202: purple sheen, matte grayish purple, matte pale pink, iridescent champagne sheen, metallic pastel pink with gold shimmer, matte bright aubergine, deep aubergine with iridescent shimmer.


A few looks I did with The Starlet:

On the lid I used the champagne pink with bright copper in the crease. I lined the upper lid with Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in Gypsy (it was LE) and the bottom lash line with Urban Decay Scorch, reviewed here. I finished the eyes with Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara (review coming soon).

2013-08-27 05.07.15 (480x366)


2013-08-27 05.07.04 (480x326)


For the second look I used the lilac taupe on the lid, the champagne pink on the brow bone and inner corner and the medium plummy brown in the crease. The eyeliner is Laura Mercier Violet (love this) and again Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara.

2013-08-28 03.37.23 (480x345)

2013-08-28 03.38.39 (480x292)

Bottom Line: Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con No. 7 / The Starlet Eyeshadow Palette is as near to perfect as an eyeshadow palette can get. The texture is amazing, the quality and packaging stellar. The combination of shades is universally flattering and I feel each shade will become a best seller. The Style Eye-Con Palettes are on the pricey side, however they are comparable in price and quality to other high-end brands like Dior and Chanel. If you want to experience Marc Jacobs Beauty, The Starlet is a great place to start. It’s SO worth the splurge and definitely appropriate for women over 40!

Highly recommended!


Purchased by me