Mani of the Week
OPI What’s Up With The Cattitude?

My brain cells went on holiday recently when I decided that I wanted to be trendy. Not a good move. I love the new Chanel nail color in Nouvelle Vague and wanted to try something similar so I could feel chic and summery.  A few more brain cells went by the wayside when I decided to try a new nail salon. The closest nail color they had to turquoise was OPI What’s Up With The Cattitude from the Shrek Forever After collection. The question is–how did I possibly think that a shade from the Shrek collection would be a dupe for a Chanel nail color? See? Loss of brain cells!!

Although What’s Up With The Cattitude is a nice baby blue, it is nowhere near the color of Chanel Nouvelle Vague.  It’s a creamy pale blue–not quite a pastel; this may be due to the fact that it took three coats so as not to streak.  I don’t think it works with my skin tone and it is not at all turquoise or even unique in my opinion. Fail on my part. I had a few compliments on this polish, but after thinking about it I realized they were all from young people. I work at a college so there you go– I noticed none of my friends mentioned it. I really think I’m a bit too old to carry off this shade. What do you think–is What’s Up With The Cattitude chic or shriek? Let me know in the comments!

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