Mani of the Week – Essie Funny Face

Spring comes late to the Pacific Northwest. We’re talking late April and often into May. This past weekend it was 50 degrees and sunny. I was still bundled up because there was a cold breeze but there are those that see sunshine and are already in shorts and flip flops.  Uh, honest! My approach to forcing Spring upon us is a little different–I did my mani in a bright Spring color–that’s sure to bring on nice weather right?

Essie’s Funny Face is a bright pink cream. It’s a nice pop of color without being obnoxious. This shade will work well into the summer and nice on toes as well.  Since I was feeling springy, I also purchased Tart Deco and Van d’go from the Summer 2010 collection. I did VAn d’go on my toes but I won’t show you that because all feet are weird. It is a very pretty cantaloupe cream shade.  What are you doing to hurry Spring along?

Left to right: Tart Deco, Funny Face & Van d’go from Essie.

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  1. I am a regular reader of your site and would just like to say thanks! I have even been inspired to setup my own blog.